One Tiger-Cat Way ........hmmmmm...... sounds good to me!

So a brilliant brainstorm hits me today.....(Duck!!!!!!! ....incoming!!) :wink:

I understand from previous CH reports and threads here in "" that the Tiger'Cats main office is moving uptown to "One Jarvis Street"......ok, cool!

But, I looked at a city map and saw that it's a little dead end street which almost spills onto King St....and maybe has like three buildings on it......and there is no doubt the Tiger-Cat Headquarters will now be the showcase there.......soooooooooooooooooooooo.....why doesn't the city re-name the street from Jarvis to "Tiger-Cat Way".......Jarvis sounds way too "Toronto" in my opinion and it would be cool to name a street after the team itself......finally!

Agree?...disagree? I totally whacked? (don't answer :lol:

I wonder if the March of Dimes @ 20 Jarvis St. has already applied for the name change to "March of Dimes Way."

what about naming it bengal blvd.? and give everyone here a heart attack! lol.

I like it.

I think Mikey has a great idea.

If anyone else on Jarvis Street objects (March of Dimes? etc.) perhaps this could be another street in the Hammer that has two names - eg. Gray Rd and Grays Rd, Rymal Rd and Garner Rd, (and especially) Cannon St and Faloney Way, etc.

I like it. I was in Toronto yesterday and saw that street "Blue Jays Way", I had to gag.

Man it's too bad the Argos don't have their own stadium.

Bengal? Our Tigers are not Bengals, they are Siberian !! Am I right Mikey? oh wait I am ( lol )

I'll go with totally whacked.

why not Bob Young Ave..

Totally whacked!

whackidy whacked!

So, what you guys are really saying is that I'm onto something..... :wink:

Stay tuned for more brainstorms as they come to me..... :lol:

Great idea, Mikey, however, Jarvis Street is a puny little access which doesn't do justice for this great CFL franchise.

Frankly, I love your idea, but expanding on it just a bit, I'd say, I'd like to see Cannon Street renamed "Tiger Cat Way".

:thup: :thup: :thup:

You guys are still thinking small, why not rename the QEW -> TCW? It is already a "Way" and the Queen has had lots enough publicity from it over the last 44 years.

After all for all those keen football fans in the GTA who know a great fooball team when they see one, it is the "way" to Ivor Wynne. :wink:

A grand idea, but let's not do things half way. Let's change it's official status from Kings Highway 451 to Youngs Highway 1. Even Donald Trump hasn't his name on a building of that length. :wink:

Knowing the way the Buffalo (NHL) teams have treated Hamilton in the past, they'd probably protest saying that the QEW is the way to their venue.... :roll:

How about a cross-marketing deal with the Queen?....The Tiger-Cats and the Crown can share signage. The Queen has to wear a Tiger-Cat jersey in her next address to the nation and we in turn can give her some free seasons tickets? Box J though because the kilts will make her feel at home

Just heard CHML news and I'm looking forward to hearing all the announcements today from the press conference at One Jarvis (Tiger-Cat Way as I call it now).... :smiley:

Have a great Day all!

There you go again bob. Marketing Marketing Marketing.


I don't know if Wayne Gretzky Way in Toronto
is the official name of the part of Front St.[?]
that has the Wayne Gretzky sign on it,

but in Hamilton, Bernie Faloney Way
and Pat Quinn Way are symbolic names

that strangers really don't know about
unless they are standing under the sign
and look up and see it on a telephone pole.

There is very little marketing value in that.

Would it be better if it was an official name
listed in the phone book and on street maps?

I don't think so.

Angelo Mosca Way.

Thank you (I want no royalties, BTW). :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,