One ticket for Rider/Bomber labour day game

Is anyone interested in ONE ticket. It is underneath the second section on the west side. One of our less than faithful buddies has pulled out at the last moment. I thought I read somewhere else that someone wanted to go to the game but could not since it was sold out.

i beleive that was jmO2 message him

I did eventually find it and did send him a message. Thanks for that though.

You mean, you sent HER a message… How would you like to sit with a 5’2" redhead to watch the game? :wink:

JM02 is a red head?

Can I leave my wife at home :wink:

What section is it in?????

not sure of the section, but I can find out. More important that hair color is blood color, I prefer green blood as compared to blue blood, but we do have a bit of both in the group that I am with.

Hmmm. . .head's getting a little big here. . .a couple compliments my way can do that to a gal. . . :smiley:

my apologies on the gender error. Are you looking for a ticket?

If you could get the exact location of the tickets (section, row, seat) I may be interested. I am looking for one more ticket near my seats, but the odds are about ..... I'd guess 1 in ~28000 :smiley:

Go Riders!!

Just read your message jm02. hope your day goes well

Dr. Rise.
I will check on it then send you a PM on the seat. keep in touch.

Thanks - I'm prepping the food as I type. . .multi-tasking. . . :smiley:

Besides - think my hubby would have an issue with me if I went and he didn't. . .

cool thanks.