2 Biggest issues thus fr:

  1. Disparity between West & East divisions
  2. Changes to replay system

#2 has been dealt with; but as we saw with bombers it magnifies use of early challenges - leaving yourself hi 'n dry if another situation pops. Winnipeg won the challenge but it was on an obvious missed call by an obviously poorly-trained official.

#1 - other than rigging games Rambrosie has no teeth in the imbalanced divisions.

Lots of scrambling goin' on behind the scenes particurly in Toronto & Hamilton; suspect main subject is one James Franklin. In normal times bidding wars would be on - and the Esks could name their prizes (ie. drft picks, strters, etc.) but Edmonton started showing serious wobble in their win over the over-matched puddy cats last nite. Who knows when Reilly (best QB in league) gets whopped. Esks have 14 to 16 guys on injured lists and they're still unbeaten. Most of it is Reilly - so Franklin only gets his chance (either NFL invite or CFL bidding war) when Esks season ends.

[i]Hey Lyle, the Bomberino poet. You must be feeling pretty good these days? Your Bombers are 4-2, and they have just won two thrilling games.

Any chance Lyle the healthy cynic, does a little cheerleading for his team? :)[/i]

I predict that the East Division Playoffs will be Toronto, Montreal, and a Crossover team.

Haven't acheived cheerleader status yet young Jonathan but Mik O'shea is defying the form chart. Guy sports an amazing .667 winning percentage this season. Not bad for a career .415 mope.

[i]Now there you go Lyle. Some bashing and some enthusiasm in the same post!

O'Shea has his faults, and limits. He will never be mentioned in the same conversation with Buono and Don Mathews. But, he has done well the past 2 seasons. Johnny thinks the reason is that he has a decent QB for the first time.

A bonafide quality starting QB will always make the HC (bad or good) look better. [/i]

[i]Yup.Johnny would wager a fair amount on your assessment. Toronto and Montreal will limp into the playoffs. The fourth place West team will very likely have a better record than the Redblacks.

As for the Ticats... :-[[/i]

O'Shea's #1 fault is his delusional stubborness. Its also his #1 asset.

He is really good with his players. Hasn't quite become a master strategist or over-achieving con artist.

Biggest problem right now is Guber Kyle Walters took his linebacker acquisition training at Trump university!

MOS's major fault is his wardrobe selection.
I've seen him wearing shorts you could boil and make soup with.

Agree. Sadly, the Redblacks deserve so much better than their record indicates.

Everything that can go wrong, has.

I still think the RedBlacks make it into the playoffs despite the poor start. Once they fed a steady diet of eastern teams the wins will come.

Hope you're right.

Well they are already 1-3 against the East Division. Only 5 games to go.

They've been swept by the Argos; 0-2.

They are 1-0 against Montreal with two games remaining. I expect a split, as the Labour Day game is in Quebec.

They still have all three games against The Ticats. A sweep would be nice, but 2-1 is more realistic.

GOT to go with imbalanced play format/schedule. Absolutely. LOL

So Calgary and Edmonton play each other 7 times a year before unsold out crowds of 40,000.
In the east Montreal plays Hamilton 7 times for totally sold out crowd of 23,000.

Calgary will have 7 points Edmonton will have 7 points. NICE
Hamilton will have 8 points with Montreal at 6 points. Better

This would leave Hamilton in First place and Montreal right behind, and closing in.
More interest in East and WAY more FANS. OH can't happen as there SOLD OUT!!!!

Oh well just a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers

Season never really starts until Labour Day.