One things that s.u.c.k.s about NFL

Thank you, thank you, thank you for explaining this. People think wow 40 seconds but that starts right after the play is over. I'am tired of people making such a big deal over this.

As we see it, the big deal is this...
When the time clock is running, one of two things can be happening..

  1. Football is being played
  2. The team with posession of the ball is wasting time,either to prolong the game, or to sort out a problem caused by their own incompetence.

Either way, the clock is running, but the game is not being played.
Most of us in Canada simply cannot believe it when we see a team spend the last 2-3 minutes of a game simply sitting on the ball. It boggles the mind...

Prolonging the game? If the play clock is running at the end and the game clock is, that means the game is going to end faster. If the play clock stopped like the CFL the games would be longer. I'am nuetral on rules. They only play once a week whats the rush? The CFL way actually prolongs the end of the game. Also, the CFL should look at penalizing teams for tanking injuries. I'am an Al's fan but the fake injuries in the Grey Cup were pathetic.

I like the CFL but the rule that stops the clock in the final 3 minutes after every play is terrible.

Clock rules should not change throughout the game, why should a trailing team be given such an advantage late in a game when they have been beat all day?

It may be boring to watch NFL teams run the clock out, but it is a much fairer system.

The last 3 minutes of a game should not involve as many plays as a regular 15 minute quarter IMO.

I would like a statistic on how much time passes between plays in the NFL vs. the CFL.

My guess is that actually game clock removed between plays is very similar in both leagues, especially considering that early in games few NFL teams use the entire play clock and ussually snap it with about 10 seconds left on it.

If you really want to decide which league gives you more football for your money you need to look at plays per game.

I looked at several Winnepeg box scores from 2005 and it appears as though between 110-130 snaps in each of their games (again just looking at box scores and adding up rushes+pass attempts+punts for both teams to get that number), the NFL on the other hand using the same way of counting snaps (for fairness) had between 100-130 snaps per game.

Appears that the 2 leagues run roughly the same amount of plays per game.

Again I used a rather inperfect sample to determine this but it seems relatively accurate.

Would love to see an actual average for the CFL (looked but could not find it).

Also, the CFL should look at penalizing teams for tanking injuries. I'am an Al's fan but the fake injuries in the Grey Cup were pathetic.
Agree strongly! Do you remember in the Grey Cup the camera was following I think Lapointe and they were talking about his courage and stength in coming back to the game after a serious injury. All of the sudden he drops to the turf like a soccer player ----he's stalling for time so the Als could get the proper substitution. It completely contradicted everything the broadcasters were saying about him! Can't blame the Als or him personally... they are all doing it now and it should be penalized.

You could clearly see the coaches and the teammates telling some to go down. That in my mind should be a suspension, or a fine. I can't blame them for doing it, but it takes away from the game.

Warner, I think you miss-counted. I did a four week tally as well and found the CFL plays totalled 140- 180 plays while the NFL tallied like you have 110 - 130. Be careful on what stats you use as I almost got the same numbers you did the first time around.

Sportmen, I will grant you your numbers.

Just did a quick glance at a few games and quite frankly your numbers jive better with what I have seen in CFL games.

I think a strong argument could be made that most of those extra plays have more to do with the final 3 minutes of the half timing rules the CFL uses than the 20 second vs. 40 second clock though.

Watching both leagues (NFL more since prefer it anf I live in Oregon and rarely get CFL games), I do not notice a dramatic difference in the amount of time that gets wasted between plays, but the CFL does run about 3-4 times as many plays in those final 3 minutes than the NFL does.

I just really think many CFL fans/NFL haters site the 40 second clock as a problem without truly understanding how it is used.

When the NFL runs their clock like the CFL does (after penalties and timeouts), they use a 25 second clock, so in reality the only real argument a CFL fan can make is those 5 seconds. Not much in my opinion.

Now what does suck about the NFL:

Losing players because of salary cap hits
The instant replay system
The pass interference being a spot foul rule.

I could probably go on but in reality I prefer the American style of the game over the Canadian style.

I do still like the Canadian style and wish we would see it more down here in America and if the league ever did come back to the US, I would hope for and would attend games if a team was put in Portland, OR.

I don't know I guess growing up around the American style i prefer it. Thats only because I live in the states all my life. If i lived in Canada i probably prefer the Canadian style. I think lineman have more fun in American style, and Canadian style receivers must love it.

I have watched my fair share of football games. It really doesn't matter. I seen plenty of boring American football games and I've seen many boring Canadian games. It's all about preference. I just hate to hear a person say NO Fun League, or CFL i just don't like it(minor league football). Football is football and we all would probably die to play in either league.

Some arguments for or against the league are so minor. It's football!

I guess the only Canadian rule that ensures the game is played to the final gun is the one that stipulates that the game clock has to read 0:00 with the ball live in order to end the period. This way there is always going to be play so long as the is time on the clock even if time runs out between plays.

I used to be a proponent of the rules under 3 minutes in the CFL where the game clock will not run without the play clock. After hearing some of these arguments I now beleive the whole game should be timed consistently.

There are other issues the CFL needs to look at to increase competitiveness and entertainment value in the CFL.