One things that s.u.c.k.s about NFL

standing around while the clock runs off 33 seconds to the 2 minute mark. What total stupidity :roll:

yeah, that is stupid and a waste of time.

I also don't like it when in the CFL a play continues after 3 minutes, IMO, the clock should stop and play should be dead at the 3 min mark.

Another thing that s.ucks? It's 100% American. Not one Canadian team. Hardly any Canadian players.

I'm surprised (and disappointed) the NFL has such a huge following in Canada.

Do they honestly think any players or owners care about Canada or Canadian fans?

I doubt know, they keep giving their hopes up on a TO NFL team, only to have them blow away by the NFL.

About as much as Doritos cares about gorgeous, thin and healthy ladies loving their chips; They're happy when they do, but their not the market it was intended for.

Blow the play dead as soon as the clock hits 3:00?!?!? I'm sorry Kanga, but that is absolutely absurd!

Shouldn't this thread be moved to the Other Football topic area?

probably. I wasnt thinking. Sorry.

yeah, after thinking about it, it is a bad rule, forgive me, I'll do better next time.

One of the reasons why 40 sec clock with 4 downs sucks big time.

How about the fair catch or even worse, 11 offensive guys surrounding a rolling ball that was punted...yawn.

The NFL is over-coached. That's why they watch the clock roll along with no play, so the coaches can line up everyone like Stratego men. Nothing is spontaneous.

The only reason why americans don't like the CFL is that maybe its too fast paced for them to follow. They had the same arguement about hockey. They complained that it was too hard to follow the puck. Aparently the black puck on the white ice isn't enough of a contrast for the american sports fan.

the final 2 minutes takes about 20 minutes.


I dont remember, what DID you tell me about the fair catch rule?

If you mentioned it in the same sentence as YOUR bad word (AP) then I probably ignored it! :wink:

Okay, I coach American football, and even I don't understand why the NFL needs a 40 sec. play clock...the 7-11 year olds on my team only get 35 sec in our league, and at that age half of them still don't know their left from their right; yet we still manage! My thought is that the amount of time is more for the benefit of TV-so Madden can write things on the telestrator (or whatever it's called), and/or we can see the replay from at least 19 different angles...

yeahhh i'm an american... i like the CFL and NFL. my grandfather coached in both so woot woot. haha

but really - not all americans are complete idiots.

I coach high school football and like colleges we use a 25 second clock but it is run differently than the NFL clock and I am sure your pop warner clock is run in a similar manner (correct me if I am wrong, never coached below high school but do know middle schools are the same in most leagues).

In your league the 35 second play clock starts when the officials spot the ball and roll the play clock, correct?

In the NFL the play clock automatically resets to 40 seconds and starts running as soon as the previous play ends.

In college and high school (both using 25 second play clocks) the play clock does not begin until the ball has been spotted and in reality 35-45 seconds still pass between plays.

In the NFL the play clock starts automatically, not when the officials rule it to start, after a timeout or penalty, when the officials do start the play clock the NFL uses a 25 second clock.

Probably made no sense but tried my best explain how the NFL system works.

Come now, let’s be fair. It’s usually only seven guys around the ball, not all eleven. The other four are heading for the bench to get first dibs on the water bottles.
And the seven are not just standing… After watching the American game for many tears, I’ve finally come to realize that what you see is a religious ceremony.
They are praying to the football gods to make the ball roll another six inches. I’ve never figured out if it works, but they keep doing it, so there must be some benefit.
One of life’s great mysteries…