One thing we need

One thing that the club really needs is a big bruising full-back like Julian Radelin. Someone who can punch the ball in from the one yard line. I don't like them handing off to a light weight back like Cobb when the Defence is up on the ball on their goal line.

I did think that Saghedian might have been brought in for a try on one of those in-close plays. Let's face it, our running game still ain't what it needs to be but that just means that we can improve. I'd love to see us work on the run on Friday but there's not much time to develop any new schemes and the old ones are fairly bland. I'm going to guess that this will be an area of work for the team... especially as we approach (shudder) bad weather. :slight_smile:

John Williams was doing a pretty good job tonite.

The problem was that we kept calling running plays inside the 5 and the Argos were stacking the line.

We should have run play action in that situation.

what i would love to see if terry caully could fare better. deandra cobb is a good running back but caully reminded me of troy davis's drive when he is near the endzone

John Williams is terrible......

John Williams is pretty good at blocking but catching and running isn't his strong suit obviously. Wonder how fast we can get this Darcy Brown kid to be prepared to start at FB/TE.