One thing that s.u.c.k.s about the CFL

Ok, we've had a crack at the can about the NFL. What about the CFL?
For me the one thing is how the 5 yard halo on punt returns is interpreted, which is the crux of the problem, it is practically impossible to determine this. I don't want a fair catch, but I don't have a solution to how the 5 yard zone is interpreted as to where or where it isn't, I think this is too difficult for refs to figure out so quickly so another solution is needed to help them out on this.

This should not be in the other leagues topic but I thought it would be best to post it here near the NFL s.u.c.k.s topic.

I don't like how the instant replay reviews are explained by the officials. Instead of saying "there is no undisputable evedence to overturn the play" (which makes it sound like the replay equipment screwed up), they should say something like "there ruling on the field stands, there was no fumble on the play (just for example), first down Saskatchewan".

....I think the replay verbage will evolve much like the whole process is evolving as well....but I agree with you Earl on the interpretation of the five yard zone, it is very difficult to establish a consistant often we in the stands or on TV, with our obvious advantage of having height over the on-field refs, see the play better than the officials can and can better judge whether the play was correctly or incorrectly what I would propose to solve this is all 5 yard zone infractions be called by the off-feild ref up in the booth....if this official sees an zone infraction he radios the Head Ref on the feild and relays to him the call, the Head Ref throws his flag and the penalty is assessed.....drawback: the flag will come either after the play or during the play which might be confusing.....

so this is really about replay than the no yard call, which I think is prefect and should by up to the refs to decide, weather it be RW way, which is a good idea, or by the way it is now.

in general, I think the rules for reply which change as it's used year after year, and be extended to calls likeno yards and others.

Bottomline: I think the league is going to change the reply naturally as the seasons go on, and inculded new things like RW idea to improve it, as they are also doing in the NFL.

Personally I have no problem with the ref explaining the call.

Just saying the call stands is fine but we get to know why!

Interesting thought R&W with an official up top, maybe this could be trialled in an ex game next year.

nernzi, but it really does come down to not what actually happened but if there is enough evidence to overturn the orginal call, same as the NFL even if the NFL has more cameras. Sometimes they can't overturn a call even though everyone and their mother knows what happenned, just because there wasn't enough evidence, and that is the way it should be explained I think.

I do like the thought of an official in the booth for making the close no-yards judgements. I dont think there will be that much of a delay between the booth official spotting the no yards infraction, relaying the message to the referee and the ref throwing the flag, afterall the booth official would have a headset on.
As for the replay explinatons, overall I think the instant replay procedure is working very well. I guess it was just 2 or 3 instances that I saw on tv this year that I thought weren't explained properly. But I'm sure there is a development process that the CFL has to further improve instant replay, just as the NFL did. It took the NFL almost 3 seasons to "perfect" thier instant replay procedure.

Its simple Red, just like in theatre, how about a five yard spotlight that shines on the receiver. Anyone standing in the spotlight gets flagged! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Just thought of a related idea here: what about putting up an electric field on the punt returner, he could wear a little device on him, that sends out a loud sound or shines a light if anyone gets 5 yards or nearer to him? Do we have the technology Scotty? 8)

Bring back the XFL Scramble..

Don't forget about the handicap end-zones and lob passes.

Does anyone know why most fields are rectangles, and some are elongated octagons (ie. Edmonton, Montreal). Why are the corners chopped off of the endzones in these stadiums? Is it just because of the running tracks around the field?

I HATE that. Nothing making the endzones 15 yards wouldn't fix though.

I hate how the ref seems to keep on babling forever when explaining a call. In the NFL its a short explaination that gets to the point quickly. And does he have to say,"I will review the play". Yah, no kidding. Coulda figured that one myself pal. :roll:

I'm sure they will refine how they converse publicly on this next year. A learning experience for all the refs and the league. The NFL has been at this a while now.

I absolutely HATE the blocking rules on kick returns now like come on the kick returns were a great part of the game but now they are practically non exsistent because of these rules so go back to the rules of yesteryear