One thing that came from today....

We know it isnt the QB's... i'll admit im a Casey fan and dont think Richie can do the job, but both looked brutal and its because our OLine is flat out awful. Both were running for their lives, both had no time to do anything and both dealt with our doller store (credit zontar) receivers that cant get open.

BOTH of our lines are the reason we are again brutal... and thats where it starts and finishes for me, we wont get better with our linemen playing this bad, continuing to give our QB's bad snaps and a playbook that is clearly not designed for our QB's but for a pocket passer.

Quit the Printers hating, quit the Williams hating, quit the QB debate, neither will succeed with this amount of "talent" around them.

i agree that our lines completely are useless but something is wrong with printers

he was on fire for the first 3 quarters last week, then he forgot how to throw the ball

this week, the first couple possessions he was playing well, then boom, he can’t hit his receivers and makes poor decisions, like not running for a TD early in the game

all our qbs were running around tonite but did you see bcs offense, with their back up qb, quick hitters, huges wholes for their rbs

they have a helluva oline and dline, the rest just falls into place for them, that’s why they don’t need joe smith or dave dickenson, they have a system in place built by buono and perfect player selection. the same thing in new england. you have a system with a few key players and you plug in the rest

you are right about the talent, the talent on this team sucks! how can you coach junk?

I mentioned on another thread that it is impossible to judge talent in other areas when your two lines are as pathetic as ours appear to be.

I still think talent wise, our O-line isn't too bad. I think Bleamer needs to be on the hook for that. Coach Sal should start being more than a consultant and radio broadcaster and spend more time in the trenches.


I agree. I would add that I think this has a cumulative effect: If a quarterback has lost confidence in the line's ability to protect him, it will start to affect him all the time, even on those occasions when they do manage to give him time to throw.

When a QB learns not to expect the line to provide consistent protection, it messes with his head, and he'll have an increased tendency to do hairbrained things. It's like giving someone a shock every time they touch a doorknob: it takes away the ability to function normally.