One thing that annoyed me..........

......was going into Canadian Tire Gas bars during December and seeing about 3 to 4 square meters of wall space dedicated to Nascar crap.

I kept thinking how great it would be to see CFL swag hanging there instead. Useful things like toques, scarves, gloves with team logos. Sweatshirts or keychain trinkets. I wish the CFL could work out some kind of consignment deal just to get our stuff out there.

Sigh....i've often thought the same thing, Rob.

Does make sense though guys for Canadian Tire to have way more Nascar stuff than CFL stuff, obviously with the products they sell. But I hear you.

It'd be nice if we could get products anywhere. In the entire city of London all I've found is one Eskimos t-shirt, one Eskimos hat, and one Argos hat.

I don't know if it's with the CFL or the stores, but someone needs to pick up the slack. I could go out right now and by a Longhorns hat if I wanted, but finding an Eskimos hat... that requires going on a hunt.

...all three visibly soiled and lying in a gutter, right?....

Couldn't agree more, Rob or Chief ... finding American stuff is as easy as breathing, but trying to find CFL stuff (especially for a team not based in your city) is next to impossible. I really don't understand why Canadian stores can't promote Canadian things (ie football), but go all-out for the American side. I hate it.

Chief, while its not in London (Chilliwack) I found a really good place!

Dan, on the Lions forum passed this web-site along. I came down and checked it out and I was sure surprised. Their prices were better than the BC Lions store, plus they carried stuff from the other CFL teams, CFL Sports cards as well. The had Rider Grey Cup stuff as well. Check it out Chief, I'm sure they could courier it to you.

Try Rick at Sports and Stuff. Good selection and always cheaper than buying from the Lions. He also has a web site. ... index.html

I hope they are authorized by the CFL. There is a lot of copyright pirates out there.

REd your right chief probably found them on the side of the road after this season. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Were there any brown paperbags with eye holes cut out lying beside them? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think so. Some of the Lion players were up there at Christmas signing autographs and buying stuff as well!

I do feel bad for CFL fans who do not live in Saskatchewan and cheer for the Riders. In any store you walk into from Canadian Tire to the local convenience stores, Rider merchandise is everywhere. It is amazing how much stuff has been sold. The souvenir marketers must have loved this past Grey Cup. I am a diehard Rider fan with more than my share of things but even I think that all of the merchandise is a little over the top. I used to see Rider front plates on a lot of vehicles but now I see new "championship" ones on even more. There must be at least 6 different car flags out there and people are still flying them. I would not be surprized if the Riders have doubled or tripled the combined sales of the rest of the league combined.

Rob good posting. I just got back from a Dominion grocery store and smack in the middle of the cashier aisle, the large potato chips NFL Super Bowl section.
How sad.

Are we missing something!? The attendance is strong. The television numbers are strong. Is there really no demand for CFL merchandise? Make it visible and it will sell says I.

The Gas bar thing bugged me alot. So many outlets across the nation. OUR NATION! Just a modest selection throughout the chain and sales would be great. sigh

I wonder why there is no demand as Rob says. Are other fans just not as into their team as Rider fans are. Even when we have not won the cup we have always sold lots of merchandise. This year you can sell anything that has a Rider logo on it. I agree that the league should be doing more to get the team gear out everywhere. Fans can do more though, as Rob is doing and letting stores and outlets know that you want to see CFL merchandise and displays in their establishments. If a store has repeated requests for merchandise they are more likely to try to bring it in than if not.

If only it was this good everywhere else in Canada, too :frowning: (Both in terms of stuff being available, and being bought up).

Here in Calgary, it's pretty easy to find Stamps stuff or Riders stuff, and definitely not impossible to find other CFL stuff. In Montreal, there was some Als stuff to choose from, but that's it. You could get any NFL mini-helmet you wanted, but none from Canada. That's sad.

I imagine the demand is out there ... as in, CFL stuff would definitely not sell any worse if it was actually promoted!! I've noticed a lot more Stamps jerseys on people since they changed back in '05 ... People will go for whatever is hyped (IMO this is why you see so much NFL merch).

Sadly, I don't believe there is much of a demand for gear here in Edmonton. Outside of game-day, I see few people wearing Green and Gold (or any CFL colours), and even at Commonwealth, there probably isn't even a majority of fans wearing one piece of Esks gear.

How about NFL gear?

It is somewhat more prevelant to see NFL gear worn on a typical day. As for game days, nothing is more prevalent than Oilers gear, when there is a hockey game at Rexall Place.

Maybe folks are buying Esks stuff, but just too embarassed by the recent team record to wear it outside of Commonwealth? Or maybe we just aren't as strong a football town as we used to be. Certainly our attendance pattern has shifted, with the Riders now the highest draw over the Stamps (46k to 40k this past year for our highest numbers). You'd think the battle of Alberta would continue to be the biggest draw, even without the legions of Rider fans that bus in from Regina, as has been the case in the past.

I'll admit I do wear my Colts hat whenever I leave the house. But I'm sure it'd be split 50/50 if I could find a nice looking Eskimos hat for a decent price.