One thing left to do!

Only one thing left to do with this mess – blow it up, I mean blow the entire football side of this organization to pieces. No need to point out all of our on filed deficiencies any longer because the list is to big the only thing left for the owner of this team to do is fire everyone from the GM down and start over. Lets not waste another game because the sooner we have an experienced and most important respected football mind running this football team the sooner we can start down the path to respectability! :o

Agreed... I don't want this excuse for a football team to be wearing the Tiger-Cats colours... the fans & this hard working city deserve better.

Who is going to design a new game plan and run the meetings
and practices for the players for next week's game with the Riders
if we blow up the football operations team thiis weekend, LEO1? :?

Note the word interim in front of the GM and Head Coach titles. :stuck_out_tongue:

It goes without saying that the New Head Coach will chose his own staff.

The Ticats figured this out themselves and when they do it,
hopefully the new people can start with a clean slate for 2007. :smiley:

I agree Ron. However, some indication that the team is actively looking for a new GM would sure be nice. It has to start there, unless Katz is going to be the man long term. The GM has to have a Coach he believes in.

Are you joking, who is going to design a new game plan? How about Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny could it get any worse?

These guys could replace our current Wile E Coyote Defence (looks good on paper but goes all awry as soon as a little speed is factored in) and Yosemite Sam Offence (shoot yourself in the foot).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we have the player personel guy responsible for putting together the 98/99 cats? I think we have the right people at the top... it's just the management/coaching which is suspect.

The football side of this organization is a joke. Lancaster is a lame duck coach who does nothing but pace the sidelines with his arms crossed. Why? Because he has no "real" say in the football operations IMO. All of the coaches and football management needs to go and the sooner the better. In a league of 8 teams there should never be a "rebuilding" period. There are far too many football players out there that can do a job for you. And there are a lot of excellent football "brains" out there that can run a team.
Hamilton fans have put their money out for this org. It is about time the so called "caretaker" gets out his broom and makes a clean sweep on the football operations side.

The personnel guys brought in the players.
Marshall kept the known commodity "name players" that he knew he had to keep.
But they couldn't figure out how to use one of the best players in the league.
The only "new" players he kept were in positions where there was no incumbant, the offensive tackles. Plus Brooks, but didn't start him. At most positions we kept the same players that went 5-13 last year.
I'm not going to claim I saw enough of training camp and pre-season to be able to say exactly who they should have kept, but based on the number of changes made since training camp it's obvious they made some wrong choices. And that falls on the coaches.

Thier is nothing wrong with the GM they spent the money but it didnt work .I think the whole problem is with the O line .

It all starts and ends with a good Oline . We dont have one so we are struggling . Hopefully Woodard will help because left tackle is probably the most important posittion on the line . We lost our starter in the off season with the death of # 57 and it shows .

We could throw around names as far as GMs are concerned and we wouldnt have a clue .Katz is doing a nice job and I think it will take patience to get thru this rough spot we`re in .

You guys always talk about the same people all the time QB ,Gm Coach . How about recievers who cant seem to get open deep . How about DEs who cant turn an outside run back inside and how about dbs and Lbs who apparently forgot how to tacksle in the opne field ???

I totally agree!

What a mess from top to bottom.

If we can't salvage anything out of this season, at least we would be more ready for next season to start. Get some new front office people - GM/ Scout etc. and a whole new coaching staff in here now!

We are in dire need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick of being the joke team of the league, on the field.

We the fans, deserve better!

"Katz is doing a nice job." [Habman]

And you base this statement on what? A 2-8 record where we fail to even compete.

ticats could save some real money...

all they have to do is have a contest.

all the fans write to the tiger-cats and tell them why they should be the coach for the last season game and the best story wins

essay on head coach, defensive coach, the OC could be fun and interesting

they might even do a good job :smiley: