one thing is for sure

there is no lemonade in toronto

I figured the COY might know what he was doing going with lemon again this season. apparently not.

COY; as in slyly hesitant perhaps?

I have watched the cfl for 46 yrs now, and I know I have seen worse starting QBs than Lemon, but I cannot for the life of me remember a single one.

That's old age for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Michael Bishop

I can't either. Even Feteryk's kid was better than Leemond

Pete Liske when he went to B.C., did O.K. in Calgary way back then.

not a bishop fan, but I take him over lemon.

Does tor even have an OC?

Barker is an idiot

Probably related to this website admin.

This game goes to show that Toronto is not a division contender quite yet, don't get me wrong they are a threat but after this game I can't see them winning this division.

sigh. me either. I sure had hopes. I really hoped lemon was a lemon no more. Did not think Parker stupid enough to go with him again if he was.