one thing is for sure

cfl schedulers are complete idiots. One of many things assinine about this yrs schedule is bc's back to back home games against calgary. I gotta ask, do these idiots have any braincells at all???

What are you talking about? :expressionless:

I believe we have and had Winnipeg 4 times in the first 7 weeks.Anyone else thinking they clicked madly and randomly so they could finish and catch the movie on time?

Those 2 games are 20 days apart (Aug 7 & 27). There is a road game and the bye week in between. It's not like it's 2 home games in 7 days against the Stamps.

its still 2 home games in a row with the same team. its still stupid and assinine.

This happened in 2006 also with back to back home games against Edmonton. Lions won both times.

Well I guess going to 10 teams for starters would be great to solve these issues right? Ottawa and anyone's guess I think.

And if you think the expansion topic has been overdone with its long thread, now we have also the Hamilton problem with that massive thread still lingering too! :frowning:

And don't forget they also thought it was a good idea for Winnipeg and Hamilton to have a pre-season game to boot... :roll:

Is part of the scheduling problem due to BC and Montreal stadiums not being ready for play until the 4th week of the season?

Nah...this crap seems to happen a lot...

Empire Field was supposed to be ready for the pre-season game, and it was... Can't see that as the issue.

I had heard it wasn’t ready until just before the first regular season home game - thanks for the update.

so what's the big deal? so you play the Stamps at home two times in row!?

what are you that scared of the Stamps that you don't want to have them that soon? you lack that much confidence in your team?

there's numerous reasons for schedules. availability of stadiums, cost of travel, traditional games,

I don't see why it's such a problem!?

Some head scrathchers for sure. I think after the schedule was finished that guy got the job of, and came up with the formula for, the weekly CFL rankings. :smiley:

Actually, it's not two in a row. Did you forget about the Sask game and the bye inbetween? Give me a break. You want something ridiculous, look at all the back-to-backs Edmonton had a couple years ago. This is nothing.

ya, for me.. 1 back to back is fine.. 2 eh maybe.

but I don't like a lot in a season. there's no sense of excitement of waiting for 5 weeks to see how different the 2nd game will be.

Chief, he said back-to-back home games...not back-to-back games...

Eh. Even still. It's not like it's Week 6 BC @ Cal and Week 7 BC at Cal again. And if he's upset about this, why didn't he complain about the two road games against Edmonton?

I am not upset about it. Just pointing it out as just one example of the stupidities in this yrs schedules.