One thing I just gotta say

Many have defended the idea of not renewing season tickets until the cats do better. Well, Ok, maybe there are some understandable points to that.


Someday, if they survive, the cats will once again be champs. When that happens, let not one of you who abandon them now, dare to join in the "WE are the champions" celebrations, because the cats will be champs again, not with your support, but in spite of you. You will have NO right to join in the celebration, except as outsiders.


If too many people DON’T got to the games, could the Ti-Cats fold? What would then happen to the CFL?

Team won't get the message till it hits them where it hurts. Sorry, but stickin' around is basically the reason the leafs are such a pathetic franchise.

P.S. I'm renewing my seasons tickets.

2 wins I think the team has the message.

Footbalyoubet, couldn't agree with you more...

It will happen, every team has the fans that are band wagon wins they are "diehard" when the team is losing they are running for the gates.. I am not going anywhere win lose or draw I am sticking it out..I was at the Grey Cup parade in 99, I skipped school and I cannot wait to skip work when they bring the cup back down King St.

Are you saying the Ti-Cat organization is not trying to put a winner on the field?

Damn straight. They only signed the highest paid player in the league a month ago because they couldn't find a single QB on the planet that would play for less money. They only turned over their entire roster, coaching staff and management team after the debacle of 2006 because they ... hey, why did they do that anyway, since it's so obvious that they're content to lose. :?

If they were content to lose, then they would have stuck with the old team.

Crowds are dwindling. Obviously they are not trying to lose.

Losng on the field = Losing in the bank. They know that.

Turning around the 2006 team will take time.

If Mcdonalds starts only serving dog **** on a bun am I supposed to eat it so they don't go out of business?

This team takes a business approach to everything they do, from tading our best players to releasing guys who can still play to make room for rookies who weren't as good as them and won't be back here next year anyway. So since they take this cold business type approach to running the team I will chose not to be loyal to the team and will not spend one dime on them until this mess gets turned around, or at least get a coach in there who will bring in a more exciting style offence, if they're going to lose they might as well act like they're trying to score points.

Sure they treat it like a business. Not sure if you knew this or not, but it is a business. They traded the players they did and released the ones they did because that's what properly rebuilt teams do. They clean house. An oh for the record 80% of people on here wanted that to happen.

This team was doomed for this season. Most fans needed to take off the rose coloured glasses at training camp to realize that. With the amount of rookies we had we weren't going to be in the playoffs. For the most part this team played very competitively in most games until the 4th quarter. They are a young team and still haven't learned how to win. That doesn't mean they are doomed or and that they should clean house again. It takes time.

The problem compounding all of this is that people are sick of losing and it has been 4 years since we started. The difference is that last year the organization said it made a mistake and technically this became year 1.

If all of this had of occured 4 years ago this board wouldn't be as bad, but it has been 4 years and it's understandbale (considering the microwave society we live in) that people are giving up. Sports is about what have you done for me lately. I understand the fans that have given up, but i truly believe this team has set it self up ahead of the other franchises in the CFL. We have a solid young core of players and with the right continuity and a new DC I think we could see a drastic improvement next season.

you do if you give a crap if McDonalds stays in business.

Apparently you dont care if the cats do, so fine, but like I said, dont dare join in the celebrations when they survive and win again.

You will have NO right to join in the celebration, except as outsiders.
Outsiders to what?

What about the fans who chose not renew but sit back and save some money and watch it on tv instead. i mean not everyone has unlimited money to be spending on something they just dont enjoy anymore are you suppose to buy a ticket and not go. i think a lot of fans may take a wait and see approach and take a yr to see if the product is worth the time and money. u have 2 days off on a weekend and one is spent doin something you truly get no value or enjoyment from at this point. how does this make someone less of a fan. im young and just got my first home that 600 bucks id been spendin certainly can be used around there instead

dont dare join in the celebrations
FYB- I love your passion but I'm sorry that you sometimes use inflammatory language to get across a sincerely held concept because it just divides us tremendously.

I do believe that those who ‘stick it through with their dollars through thick and thin’ may take special pride in their constancy. On the other hand, anybody can take pride in their city or its team. A ‘bandwagon jumper’ will likely have less depth of feeling and will certainly have less context to supply a sustained sense of satisfaction- but they can and will be happy.

Then there’s that middle group of wavering supporters. Perhaps those who don’t renew may feel ashamed or foolish next year (I hope they do - even though I don’t yet know if that group will include me or not) but they aren’t evil or pondscum… are they? Really??

Thanks for hearing me out.

The problem is that the team has gone from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to Tiger-Cats Incorporated. This team is a business first and a football team second. It's becuase of that that we need some fans to stay away, because the harder you hit a business the more desperate it becomes to please its customers.

My two cents. I won't apologize for them, and I don't think I'm wrong. The fans are upset with how the team has been run, and they have the right to vote as "shareholders" as the caretaker has dubbed them.

Bob Young's not in the habit of losing money. He's well aware that a good product results in good profits. The way Printers was signed was ingenious. Frontloading the contract so that for the next three years the cost to the SMS is minimal compared to other teams.

Expect a few changes, some better defined coaching, and a run at the playoffs next year. If you don't have the money for season tickets, that happens. If you choose to go elsewhere, fine. Your money, your choice.

But to assume that Bob Young is willing to field a losing team when he knows what that does to attendance (and his pocketbook) is just stupid.

This is what makes hamilton so great.We dont always get a great product but the fans always stick through with them throught bad and good!When we do win it means more then a team who buys out they talent and steals them from other teams like hog town and eski moes!


Thank you. There is no such thing as a fair-weather Tiger-Cats fan. (for readers from outside Steeltowne) This is part of Hamiltonian mentalilty, when something is god-awefull you say so. When you've seen enough garbage, you talk trash. When someone says they will deliver, they better (So hard to be congenial, and avoid being edited by mods).

The point is, when something is bad or horrible, we hamiltonians, and cats fans will be ther first to say so, in unabashed and brazen voices.

We speak out against our team, not because we are no longer fans, but because we are so passionate.

The cold hard reality of pro-sports is, you loose games, and loose seasons, you loose support.

It takes a great, passionate, and concious fan to say thier team is bad. It takes a band wagon to say you're great no matter what your record(here's where we point to Trana and the Leafs).

So Hamilton, in closing. Thank you for being great football fans. The rest of the league can come live here from birth, then try and understand! ha!