One thing I dont get about game attendance

when in a big stadium up high in the stands, away from the field, specially high up in the endzone, where players look like ants, how the heck does one enjoy the game???

If I was sitting where the guys are sitting shown in the link that GridironGirl posted in the NFL week 4 game thread, I would be like, what is the point?

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End zone is the worst

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No different than sitting in a hockey rink high up where it is impossible to see the puck, at least they have lights and a horn to tell you that there was a goal.
Or basketball where the court covers half of a hockey rink and you are sitting way up behind the basket.
Or baseball high up and it’s impossible to see a white ball.
It’s about being there

There's an excited synergy created among fans in a crowded stadium. It's why BC Place and other large venues had closed off the upper decks in previous years. A low attendance with scattered seating doesn't generate much energy but congregate the fans in a smaller area it increases the excitement exponentially. So, even sitting further from the field, if you're in a crowd of rabid fans the excitement can be palpable.

I don’t mind sitting high up if its between the goal lines. So long as your corrected vision is 20/20 of course. It allows you to see all 24 players and percieve the whole play as it develops.

I recall when Cinnamon and Soklowski were running the Argos the end zone seating was limited to the 100 level south end of Skydome and the sideline seating was opened all the way to the 500 level. Cheap tickets up there and a bird's-eye view.

Loved it.

i assume you mean this photo:

i agree and i would never go to a game with seats that far away. even with glasses my eyesight wouldn’t be able to make out any players or plays they make. need a telescope.

also, i think it’s hilarious you guys call me GG. makes me feel like governor general of football, although gay girl is far more accurate lol.

lol check out this view from Fedex field in washington (seriously, who would pay money to see any team run by Snyder, let alone for those seats?)

US Bank Stadium is generally ranked #1 in NFL, but this view is way too far away for me:

New Era field in buffalo is oldest stadium in NFL i believe, and apparently a number of sections have metal bleachers instead of actual seats. why would anyone subject themselves to that experience?

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