One that got away?

The defensive player of the week is Bomber's lineman Jason Vega.

According to TSN sports (CFL game highlites), he was in the TiCat's training camp last year but was a late cut.

If so, too bad as we could use such a talent in the middle on D.

Maybe they thought he was the Chevy Vega ?
I owned a 1977 Chevy Vega, which I regret getting rid of.
Though a lot of people thought it was a bad car, It did the job for me
( except for:
- lots of oil leaks
- bad in the snow
- kept on rusting etc. )
Otherwise - not bad at all.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Vega wasn't going to beat out MacIntyre or Hickman. Glad to see he found work, though. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)


I remember reading very positive comments from posters hear when we had Vega in camp. Like others said though, we had some good incumbents at the time.

I didn't see the last Als-Bombers game but the few replays I saw showed Vega as an interior lineman, exerting a lot of pressure up the middle. Bombers do list him as "defensive line", vs specifically as "defensive end" (like Willis).

Something we definitely need but a bonus if he can also fill in at end (ie the McIntyre/Hickman references).

Though the latest find (Rose) seemed to do a decent job in the middle vs the Lions.

I believe the Cats kept Albert Smith instead of Vega. Smith was recently cut …so you are correct he is the one that got away?

Vega is an end, the bombers put him the middle on passing downs/situations.