One team showed up

One Team Showed Up --other forum comment

I knew we were in trouble from the opening kick-off. You can usually tell in the second game of a back to back if the team that lost the first game is going to do well. If they come out eating nails on the opening kick-off, they're usually going to be ready to run through a brick wall to make sure they don't lose the second game. We were busy tippy tippying and doodley dooing around on the opening kick-off instead of putting someone on his can or running at top speed UPFEILD.

I figured it was going to be a long day. Unfortunately I was correct.

Bottom line is we weren't prepared and the players didn't show up (minus Dressler and our LBs). We were outclassed in every facet of the game and the score actually flattered us. Hats off to Calgary.

They beat us in terms of coaching, offensive consistancy, big plays on defense (turnovers), special teams by a long way, dicipline (how many penalties can you take in one game on returns?), pass rush, and just plain hustle. I'm surprised how poorly we played considering what was on the line.

The only positive was no broken fibulas. Dressler, Lloyd, Lucas, Williams were the only guys who looked like they were ready to play. I think that was our secondary's worst game. Our D-line was thier usual pathetic selves (Burris had 10 seconds on that Copeland TD). Some of the other receivers made some good plays. Calgary got Bishop out of his comfort zone and we didn't adjust so he was inconsistant at best. Our return teams were an embarrassment and the biggest reason why we lost.

All in all our worst game of the year in my opinion. Much of the credit can be given to Calgary though. They wanted it more than us and they were prepared.

Hopefully this will be our stinker for the rest of the year. If it isn't we will have a short playoff run which will end quickly in Winnipeg. Next week should be interesting when we get a few moe starters back. If I was Miller I'd almost bench some of the slackers from today though. Just to send a message that garbage performances like that are unacceptable.

Reffing too was terrible! By NO means did the officiating cost us todays game.. NOT EVEN close but there were some awful awful calls today. The PI on Getzlaf was just gross, the James Johnson "rough play" was pretty touchy as well, the part i hated about that call was it was pretty border line yet Ken Yon Rambo gets up and runs up and bumps Johnson and gets in his face yet no retaliation penalty. Lots of missed blatent holding calls and are we the only team that gets called for holding or illegal blocks on 5 punt returns in a row?? What did actually happen on the 3rd down play is that Calgary had 13 men on the field (for the entire play) and the refs did not catch it.

Two of us counted twice and came up with 13 every time.
We wondered why the refs missed it, as number 13 or 14 for the Stamps came on late, but they didn't count. However, the Riders didn't attempt to draw attention to it either.

Not that I think it would have changed the outcome of the game.
Ref # 27 called roughly 4 or 5 on us an zip on the Stumps.

They missed some brutal calls like the PI on Dressler TWICE
the highlight reel catch that dressler made was because the db had ahold of his other arm...

I agree. I usually come on here to defend the Refs but today they were horrible, and you're right they did not cost the Riders the game. I thought it interesting that Bishops numbers were almost identical to Burris numbers except the interception to touchdown ratio.