One team exceeded the 2019 salary cap

....Oooooo, let the speculation begin...

If I had to guess it would be the Bombers. Their injuries this season really piled up.

How foolish of the CFL to announce this now as opposed to when they can include the team involved. It just invites speculation.

That said I'll bite. I'll say Calgary is over. They had BLM on 6 game IR and brought him back IIRC a game early bringing his salary back into play. That one move cost them about $225,000,
I hope it's not the BB because some will take the path of " BB cheated their way to the GC"

Considering Calgary saved money with all their injuries, and were able to use left over money from last year to divert some of BLM's 2020 salary- it seems unlikely the Stamps were over.
I would guess Bombers or Lions
But I wouldn't doubt it's habitual violators from green town either

Bo wasn't brought back early, he sat out the 6 plus 1 more

oh..I thought they brought him back early. Thanks for clarifying.

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I would say MTL as Kavis Reed was accused of Cap circumvention before he was unceremoniusly given the boot.
BC Lions, as they have now re - structured Reilly's contract

Should be interesting to find out who it was

I'm gona put my money that it was MLSE and the Argos.

I said last year that the Bombers should say to hell with everything and win the Cup and then let the crap hit the fan. If it is the Bombers who are guilty I will back them up the same way I have backed other teams who have exceeded the rules. First why did they exceed, then how much, are my factors. The reason I give most teams this allowance is because in this league there are eight teams that quite often have supported one other team's existence. That team gets no allowance from me but the other eight do because they have never been paid back for propping up the one.

Are you talking about the Argos, Ottawa, Hamilton or Montreal as the one team?

You're smart enough to figure it out but I do understand your choices. One fits better than the rest. Which of those teams is not like the others ? (Smiling face) wish i could find the emoticons or whatever they are called.

Well Montreal and Ottawa have folded a number of times so I suspect they were getting handouts before the final straw broke. Hamilton was given a handout in the 80's which precipitated Riders having to do their first telethon to recoup the money they had to give, and the Argos have been a shitshow attendance wise for a number of years, but I thought they were well funded and don't recall them going for a cash call from the rest of the league. You have me stumped.

So you are OK with your team cheating when no other team is just to win a title?

It would depend. Did they trade for Collaros knowing full well it would put them over the cap? If so, not sure I could back that. Filling a roster with new recruits because of injuries as was the case with the 2013 Riders is a different story.

There are two reasons for exceeding the cap that I find forgivable.

One is when teams have to bring in a lot of replacements for short term injuries.

The other is when a team does better than expected and ends up having to pay out more than the expected amount in bonuses. Bonus amounts have a maximum, but teams don't expect to pay out the max. If they end up doing well, however, the bonuses might take them over the cap.


The latter is really quasi-intentionally exceeding the cap by building a stonger roster on the promise of high bonuses knowing that a successful season likely means paying them out ... not an excuse IMO

I dunno. I thought the Riders 2013 overage of 19,000 was because of the recruits they signed that year. Bonuses for one player alone, at 19,000 over, probably could have accounted for that though. I think the one earlier when they were over by 80,000 or something was the freakish injury season.

I would say Montreal as well. The way Danny was cutting players it looked suspicious.