One Step Closer to the Canadian Dream

With wins in Montreal and Calgary next week, we will be treated to the match-up that Canadian football fans are cheering for from coast to coast.


The battle of Alberta, The Canadian Dream. Won't life be grand!

It'd certainly beat the Prairie Cup! :smiley:

I want to live the Canadian Dream and if there are such thing as "football gods" they're going to make it happen!

If the eskies can pull off a win then it would be great! As much as I mostly despise the schmoes I would welcome an a ll west GC. I think Ricky Ray may surprise next weekend.The stamps however have a really fired up Lion team to deal with. The fact they man handled the Riders in their own park with that frenzied crowd now means that home field advantage is truly moot.

Go Stamps Go

The entire population of Quebec and B.C. (probably more Canadians than the rest of Canada combined) would like to disagree with you on that.

I'd like to see the Esks win though. Sure I'd like to see an all west Grey Cup, but mostly because I think we have a better chance of beating Machokecha's team than Montreal if we do get by Calgary.

If Montreal does not make the final tickets will be dumped bigtime,thats what those fans there are like :frowning:

Note that I said "Canadian football fans

Quebec isn’t even 7 million and BC isn’t even 4 million… As a matter of fact there is more people who live in Ontario then in BC and Quebec combined!!!
There is over 33 million people in Canada… Thus the combined population of Quebec and BC is about 30% of Canada’s total.

That would hurt revenue if that happened. We need Montreal to be in it. I dont want to see a stadium with 40 000 people showing up. It would also give the nfl clowns more ammunition.

Sorry, when I said 'Canada', I meant 'provinces that care about the CFL'. Quebec + BC = 36.6% of the Canadian population. Nobody in Ontario gives a crap about it, so take them out of the equation. There is almost 8 million in Quebec, and 4.5 million in BC. So yeah, far more than Sask, Alberta, and Manitoba combined.

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What do you care anyway? Your pathetic team is out, and will go down in history as the first eastern team to lose to the west in the crossover. Have fun next year with Joe 'Butterfingers' Smith, Kevin 'Glaaarg I'm Choking!' Glenn, and Milt heading off to the old folks home.

Someone need to take a deep breath…?