One step closer to Johnny Manziel

Manziel in a Briles/Jones offense and his connections with Briles and the Big12 means Manziel will now take a closer look at signing with Hamilton.

HA, not sure if this would hurt or help?
More controversy is not welcome and Manziel has a rep as a bad dude.

I'm going to stoke the fire!

David William Naylor @TSNDaveNaylor
Houston Chronicle says Johnny Manziel "might sign with a CFL team soon." I have said the pursuit of Manziel is not dead. [ltr]#CFL[/ltr]

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Breaking: Johnny Manziel's representatives have activated the 10-day window that forces the Ticats hand to sign, trade or release him. #CFL
2:07 PM - 13 Sep 2017

David William Naylor?Verified account
2m2 minutes ago
Not confirmed exactly when Manziel's reps pulled the 10-day clause but it has indeed been pulled. #CFL #Ticats

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If 10 days pass w/o a signing or trade, Manziel enters into waivers. Remember, that’s just for his rights. Doesn’t guarantee signing #CFL

My understanding is the TiCats must make a fair(reasonable) offer($100K) and then they would hold his neg rights for a year.
As a first contract in the CFL it would have to be a 2 year(1+1club option)contract

Players can notify the league of the negotiation window and if a contract offer is not received within 10 days, the player is removed from the team's neg list. If a fair contract offer is received, but rejected, the player is removed from the list one year from the offer date.

Will be interesting to see what is interpreted to be "reasonable". From what I recall, it is up to the commissioner to determine if the offer that is rejected was in fact reasonable.

If I had my druthers, I'd trade his rights for either some quality Nationals, O-linemen, or receivers. I'm still of the opinion that if we can get Zach on track, we are sitting pretty good at QB. Manziel might bring more problems than he is worth.

But, as O'Billovich taught us "Better is better", and June Jones has a reputation as a QB guru.

Vernon Adams first CFL Contract

QB Vernon Adams got sweet deal on first contract from Alouettes
Posted on November 10, 2016 by Justin Dunk // 3 Comments

Vernon Adams was a highly sought after Canadian Football League quarterback prospect, so much so that Montreal traded a 2017 first-round pick to B.C. for the 23-year-old dual-threat pivot.
The Pasadena, California native inked a three-year pact upon arriving in La belle province. The 2016 portion of that contract will pay Adams $70,000 in “hard? money – $60,000 base salary plus $10,000 housing. He has a playtime incentive that pays $750 per game if 51% of all offensive snaps in a game come at quarterback. Translation: starting at QB equals that bonus money.
Most quarterbacks who come north of the border get the minimum salary in their rookie season.

The one issue with signing Manziel is "how long will he stay if does well " ---He might try to get out of the minimum 2 year contract if NFL starts showing some interest.

I can't see him staying as long as Doug Flutie did but I think he could be a star in this league. I have a feeling that the ticats will mess this up and let Manziel get signed elsewhere like SASK , TOR, or MTL

Ideally , they trade Collaros to one of the 3 teams mentioned for some national help at oline and receiver ....Then go sign Manziel to Zac type money and let Johnny ease into the offence and see how he does . Keep in mind that Masoli is a free agent at the end of this year. It makes things interesting ..

I personally feel that neither Masoli or Collaros is good enough to win us a Grey Cup and isn't that the goal . I think Manziel might be good enough to carry this team with his scrambling and running ability and his raw ability to make big plays with his arm as well. If they do sign him , they might want to see what his favorite receivers are up to from Texas A and M.

I think if June Jones and Tilman have the majority of the decision then they will sign him and try to trade Collaros or release him. IF Austin has the final say , then they will just release Manziel.
This video speaks for itself on how good manziel can be

Sorry to say Bye Zack and $540000 yr and hereeeeeeeees
Johnny......Rehab ! Perfect for the run and Gun ! Plus pots legal next year!!!! Johnny can party with his buddy Drake in TO or the Ticats trade his rights to the Airblows !

PLEASE don't sign him - please.
Nice video, but he'll only be a distraction.

Also, if he is so good, how come he sucked in the NFL?

The Eagle

He sucked in the NFL because he is too small and was partying too much as he thought he was super man so he likely didn’t put in the proper amount of effort into learning the offence etc and keeping in tip top shape…Aside from that , he was on the worst offensive team in the NFL the Cleveland Browns.Now he has had a rude awakening that no NFL wants him and he is not the star and not making big bucks. Need for big Money and stardom should make this guy bear down and learn the offence and get in great shape and practice hard. Then after he succeeds here for 2 years one would think the NFL would come calling much like when Flutie went and played for Buffalo.

I don’t think Collaros or Masoli can lead us to a grey cup but I think a guy with Manziel’s talent can under June Jones run and shoot offence where the QB runs alot . Manziel has shown an incredible ability to avoid tacklers and pass rush and tyurn a broken play into a 20 to 30 yard run …

David William Naylor@TSNDaveNaylor
More than $$$, sticky issue between Ticats and Manziel could be length of contract. Ham may want to go beyond the two-year minimum. #CFL

According to Naylor offer just has to be for league minimum

Matthew's Dad makes a comeback!!!!!!!!

Let the "news" roll. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

After watching many highlights of this QB.....there is very little quarterbacking. RB maybe!

I saw 3 passes that were average at the pro level. Ones that HAVE to be made in the pros and are an exagerated highlight in College.

Every highlight was a designed run, or a complete breakdown by the defense. These breakdowns don't occur as often in the Pros as they do in college.

There is a reason he struggled in the NFL. He can't read complex defences, change plays, make the necessary pocket throws that open up the run, etc. Things it take guys years to master.

There will never be another Flutie. Not even in the same conversation.

No more losers, please.

TiCats will let elapse or trade his rights for a bag of used footballs. The guy is all hype.

This move suggests that Manziel is desperate to play.

The X factor at play here is that June Jones is HC, June Jones will probably be HC for the forseeable future, and June Jones wants Manziel to play QB for Hamilton.

Given that circumstance, I believe that the Cats trade Collaros within the next week, and sign Manziel to join the team, and to learn the CFL game under Masoli.

Collaros to the Riders or BC...whoever offers more in return.