One step closer to CFL back in Ottawa

The good thing here is that they have loads and loads of time. They are going to need to get out in front of the marketing on this one -- otherwise it will be met with a big yawn. But, perhaps this go-'round, there's been enough time for fans to forget the debacles of the past.

Let's bring back the Rough Riders!

Send Winnipeg back to the Western division where they belong!

HAmilton at Ottawa will be definate road trips for me.

Same with me Captain, my wife is from Ottawa and is always looking for an excuse to go there for to visit family and old friends. And I used to live there for a short time as well so it's familiar grounds to me as well.

I remember seeing Dunigan and his Barracuda's palying in Ottawa at Frank Clair and thinking what a great spot that stadium was in. The bars and restaurants definatley added to the atmosphere.

Yeah. It would be great to be back at Lansdowne Park for a CFL game.
I used to go there back in 1963-64 when I was in the RCAF there. The fans there really supported the Rough Riders. They were also brutal if you were there to support another me!
I think a competitive team with smart (and rich) ownership would draw a supportive crowd and football would once again become a big part of Ottawa's fabric.
Heck ...the nation's capital without a team in an historic and truly all-Canadian sports league? I could never figure that out. Good for Ottawa City Council.
As for the local councillor who voted against it and "cried" after the vote......somebody give him a season ticket so he can have a bigger view of the world.

No it won't take much to get the fans back and buying tickets. They finally have local owners with deep pockets and it will be Jeff Hunt running it. When Hunt took over the 67s they were failing miserably at the box office, they are now the most successful Junior team in hockey with the highest attendance.
A lot of fans will come out to see the new state of the art stadium and the area surrounding the stadium with the new restaurants/bars etc. This will be the first stadium built in Canada for football!!! Ottawa always had the hard core fans that would come out game after game despite the losing seasons and their crowds were consistently larger than Hamilton's.

Great news. It'll be great to see a team in Ottawa again amd the Bummers back in the West where they belong. With deep pocketed, local ownership, this is as good a chance as they'll ever have to make it work.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes, according to the Mayor it looks like it will be the 2014 Season!!

The return of Ottawa with the addition of a maritime team would be ideal...

Pay the money to buy the name and please let them be named the Rough Riders. If they are I will buy season tickets.