One sour Note

To those drunk morons in Box G who made my day very interesting and for the most part a lot of fun.

  1. Remember there are children and disabled underfoot when you run about
  2. Keep your beer to yourselves, the people around you don't want to wear it
  3. Go quietly when you decide to throw beer cans on the field
  4. Don't defend the moron who threw the can
  5. Punching police officers is a bad idea

Hope we don't go back to the bad old days. That type of stuff will cost us customers. I am pretty sure we lost 1 future (4 or 5 year old) as a result

you want some cheese with your wine ..? :thup: Just kidding
AKT is was not that SOUR of a moment ...Couple of event's with a crowd we had could have been much worse .
You must have know the odds of sitting beside or around a drunk Fan on Semi SUNDAY ? lol
I want to go back to the old days! WHAT WE NEED IS A SECURITY GUARD THAT DON'T RUN INTO THE STANDS LIKE A SUPER HERO !!!!! He should have waited he ignited that hole situation from the get go ...The cop pointed to the Guy and the security guard jumped the rail from the field into the stands ..and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE ....We need those drunk young guys to support our ticats like anyone else respectfully .But again the security fails to control a situation instead of being the hero...He could have done things many other ways ( wait for back up ) the cop should have called right away for back up ..Instead of pointing to the fan and haven hero boy jump into fire...Brutal display of any type of crowd control in the heat of the moment ... Id love to go back to the 80's when things were great and the drunks got handled by police not rent a hero...First of all Security guards DO NOT EVER GET THE RESPECT THAT A POLICE OFFICER DOES... :thup:

Go sit where i did in section 30 with my family and friends NO COMPLAINTS !!!
Family Fun ZONE ...

Wrong. It was handled well IMO. I was there. BTW I was the usher in that section not a fan. I don't have a choice where I am stationed. BTW it was a police officer who got punched in the face. Crowds of the 80's is the last thing we need. Back to 11,000 a game will kill the team. We don't need the drunken fighters. If we lose 100 fans like that it will actually improve attendance

I'm Wrong Poor Trained inexperienced security guard blew that situation out of control ...
Why was that handled well the security had to run right away up into the crowd ? the COP had pointed and identified who threw the beer ..Could have gathered some officers up and taken care of the situation little better maybe i should have said .
Sure it was handled but you don't think if 6 officers or 4 right away went and pointed from the Stairs like they use to ...The guy would have given up instead of fighting over something so stupid ...He new he was busted

It could have been totally handled differently MR Usher ...AKT

If this is your theory? Then you just Told this hole thread how some staff thinks ?
Do ushers have any training in Crowd Control ?
I thought ushers help fans to seat's and identify bathrooms and Vendors ?

Im done AKT i just think protocols and good training could have prevented that hole situation from unfolding the way it did. ..
By the way I work for a Canadian Executive Personal protection agency ... :wink:

Great Game period ...Can we agree on that ? :thup:

Great Game

Unwelcome drunks. You weren't there. You aren't qualified to say what occured

Not qualified i was there i happen to be watching the hole situation with my EyES multiplied by 75 times zoom ...

Section 30 is directly across the stadium MR usher ...

(You aren't qualified to say what occurred)
This why outside agencies always get hired for investigations because your blinded by the drunk fan hes guilty because hes drunk before he commits and act of any sort ..
you might want to look into your training your not qualified to be even remotely close to being allowed to analyze that situation and come to conclusions of Fault of an Officer of the law or Super Hero security guard ?

Do some reading AKT you no that Security Guards take most low levels situations and blow them out of proportions whopping 76% of the time .. So Don't try and tell me i'm not qualified .just because you had a great seat for the action doen not exclude other viewing Fans to make a comment ... I'm starting to make my own conclusion's of the reason why your an usher ..

Often, security officers are uniformed and act to protect property by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, observing (either directly, through patrols, or by watching alarm systems or video cameras) for signs of crime, fire or disorder; then taking action and reporting any incidents to their client and emergency services as appropriate.


Wrong, not qualified. You have no idea WHY the security was beefed up in the area. It was a total uncontrolled zoo most of the game. The fans caused the entire thing. You may be a qualified security guard but you are completely unqualified to comment on something you didn't witness