One Request of the Team

I am in the nation of Turkey right now and I won't be home in time for opening home game.

My request is to management and coaches- fix the darn O-Line before I make it home. When I finally get to watch a game this season, I want it to be one where the team looks like it at least pretends it cares about protecting the QB. Reading the comments on this board makes it sound like LAST year.... and come to think about it, the year before.... and the year before... and...


They did sign a national oline for extra depth which is some progress

You be careful over there!
Wishing you safe travels! :airplane:


The travels part wasn't so fun but it's good to be here seeing old friends and students and making some new friends. Strangely though... not a lot of CFL coverage.:thinking:


I suggest you extend your stay until August...should be fixed up by then :slight_smile:

Are you scouting the Turkish leagues for global OLs while there?

You never know what you might find. :wink:

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Hmmm... see if I can put that into my schedule.

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Just hire a bunch of the Turkish Bath attendants in their...uniforms...

Speaking of which, are (or have) you going to partake in that experience?

First we have yo get rid of Condell and his slow developing plays.

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How many days did it take to get out of Pearson ?

Not rid of but "WORK with" Condell to get rid of his slow developing plays.

The same Condell we were praising to the rafters for the way he designed an Offence around David Watford's skills to win two games last year with our third-string QB...

That was only a select few that praised him for creating a vanilla offence with a running game against 2 struggling teams.

The general consensus (in the stands, on the street, Facebook forums, 5th Quarter) is that Condell has been here for the better part of 10 years and still hasn't won anything. In 2015 and 2019 the offence looked really good but the rest of the time it has been highly inconsistent and uninspiring. It might be time for an upgrade.

My sweetie isn't keen on the experience. And to tell you the truth, I don't like strangers rubbing and beating on my body. :grimacing:


Only 90 minutes late leaving. Same amount of time in Munich. The taxi came 45 minutes late in Antalya. Add in the 8 hr. layover and it was a looooooong trio But the 2 hours of sleep we had on the plane made it all better. :crazy_face:


The responses for this statement could go in all sorts of directions. :smile:

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You could make a tidy living renting those strangers out to people who DO like that sort of thing.


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