one record that will never be broken

or even see top ten

is lowest points allowed per game in a reg season.

in the 40's they did not score many points per game.

I believe the record is 61 in 12 games for just over 5 pt average.

That was prior to the modern era which didn't start until the 50s. Don't they seperate records for pre and post modern era? Or is the seperation when the forward pass was introduced?

I'm not even sure the forward pass was legal in the 40's ???

I'm not sure when it was introduced. The modern era starts in the 50s when the ORFU dropped out of Grey Cup competition. Not sure the rest of the story but think that's when it became all professional players.

Redblacks tried their damnedest last year...

Generally speaking the modern era is considered post WWII. The only real difference back then was that TDs were worth 5 points instead of 6.

And for the record, the forward pass was adopted by the CRU for all leagues in 1931. The value of the TD was increased to 6 points in 1956.

Cy Young’s record for career wins will likely never be broken :expressionless:

The kicking rules were very different as well. The 1971 GC was proof of that . I would say the modern era or the game we are familiar with , was mid 70,s .

Don't let the refs know this.
Next year could be dumpster fire. :twisted:

I can't see anyone beating the record that Hugh Gall set in the very first Grey Cup game:

Gall set a record for most singles (single point kicks, also known as rouges) in a Grey Cup game with eight in 1909, a record that still stands (though somewhat asterisked, because he accomplished the feat before end zones were invented and as such as soon as the ball crossed the goal line it was dead and could not be returned).

I emailed Bob Irving on when he considered the start of the Modern era and he responded almost immediately .
"The Canadian Football League as we know it was established in I would consider that the start of the modern era"

Thanks kasps. So that would mean no team has lost 3 consecutive Grey Cup games as the last team to do it was Montreal from 54-56.