One reason why the Grey Cup is so great

On the Sportsnet site in the NFL forum part, a discussion was centred around why the NFL doesn't ever play the Super Bowl outdoors in a northern city. After some discussion, I thought this poster summed it up well which also told me another reason why our Grey Cup is so great, not nearly as corporate and strictly money driven as the Super Bowl, the game actually counts more:

"The super bowl has nothing to do with the game it's self, or the fans of the game. It's all about giving out perks to people the NFL wants money from. Something like 80% of the seats in the building are given away by the NFL to corprate sponsers. Rich CEO types don't like sitting in the cold and snow, so it seems unlikely that the NFL will hold the game in an outdoor building."

Some CFL fans are so hopeless.

Give it up AB. Remember that lots of people in southern Ontario like me couldn't care less about the Blue Jays or Raptors or Leafs, they don't exist and create no buzz at all for many of us - they are completely buzzless to us.

Haven't the Bills moved to LA yet?
Why do you hang out here Bill, and why do you keep the "Argo" part of the name when you clearly are a CFL hater?

Anyway, that assessment of the Superbowl is pretty accurate.
Even regular season games have become largely inaccessible to the average fan.
Sure if you want to sit in the endzone, you can get tickets to most games for a somewhat inflated price.
But the best tickets cost way to much and are largely sucked up by corporate shills who aren't really fans, but think it is good business to have tickets.

The CFL game is the last professional sport that is driven by gate receipts and by the fans. As such, it is still the fan that is important, not the sponsors and the television revenues.
The game remains fun for fans and players alike, and as such, it is unique and very special.

I think that means he likes you and want to have a drink with you at a Ticats game.

Besides, you forget Earl, What a thrill to drink Champagne from both the Stanley Cup and Grey Cup. Sharing a drink with all those great players throughout history!

All you could do with Baseball and the Super Bowl trophy is pour the champagne and lick the drops off!

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Some people don't like to see the weather play a part in an important game like the Grey Cup. However, I'm not one of them. I think the elements be it rain, snow, mud, wind, or even fog, make the game all the more interesting.

I love seeing games in bad weather! Snow is the big one! Gotta love it.

it's great, especially in a Grey Cup game!!.. why not??

well said by all. AB just leave we don't need you here. Man there is so much history behind the grey cup. And the weather has had alot to do with it. The mud Bowl the first ever sold out GC, or the Fog Bowl, the first game to be held over the duration of 2 days and to go into over time. or the ice bowl. The GC is most definatley without a question is the best of football.

The world series trophy is so ugly... lol

re- Snow is the big one! Gotta love it.

it's great, especially in a Grey Cup game!!.. why not??
Grey Cup 96 box e row15 seats 1&2 :thup: Re Argo_Bills (maybe some day the Bills will be in the CFl, - till then Toronto nfl fans are Hapless. CFL fans know there is allways hope :wink:

Those statements are DEAD ON!! I have heard people here say that for years. I have friends who have been trying to get stupor bowl tickets for years (don't know why) but anyway.....they haven't yet.