One question

the second last play of the game where was Woodcock when he caught that ball cuz last i checked that is still a completed pass and i didnt see any flags i may be off my rocker but when tsn puts up the game so i can review i will be looking cuz i thought it was caught a little closer then the 25 yard line

I believe he was ruled out of bounds when he caught it, therefore it's an incompletion.

Which begs the question: What the heck is he doing out of bounds with the game on the line?

Did he cost us the game on the play?

Looked like it to me.

So, Printers, Creehan, Bellefuille, Taffe, Mitchell, Young, Setta, McKay Loescher were not enough sacrfices for you people, you need to add to the list of "He was the one who cost us the game"

On that play, yes, absolutley.

Did he not?

So you have the foresight to actually decide the "play that cost us the game"??????

No, I did not say that. Read carefully.

There are many plays that make up the game. Many made the game what it was to that point.

On that play he should have been in bounds to make the catch.

Do you agree or not?

If you agree then you agree that ON THAT PLAY he cost us the game. Is that not reasonable?

Another question: If his foot was in, would we have won? Yes.

Had we scored a TD on our first possession we would have won, see I can play that game too

Not necessarily. The rest of the game would have unfolded in a completely different manner.

Please, answer my questions.

If his foot was in, in your opinion, would we have won?

I say yes. What say you?

Look out, boys! Socrates strikes again! Where's the hemlock when you need it?

In neither thread on this topic has anyone mentioned that Woodcock stepped out of bounds because Williams pass was off the mark. It appeared to me ( watching on TSN) that Williams' pass was heading out of bounds. The angle of the camera at the time was from behind Williams. The pass seemed to be heading right of Woodcock where he had to reach back for it. Let's not be too hasty for blaming Woodcock stepping out of bounds or losing us the game.

even if he makes the catch, there was still one defensive player he had to beat to make it into the endzone. Does he make it we'll never know, did Woodcock cost us the game? NO

He did not have to get in the endzone. He just needed to catch the ball and keep possession so we could have one last play from the 4 yard line. Alot easier than the 25 if you ask me.