One quarter left!!

This IS what Football is!!!!

last week I didn't really know who I wanted to win, but after seeing all these cocky Montreal fans, I say GO ESKS!!!


GO ESKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey sportyguy.....not fair to judge the entire Montreal fanbase on the actions of two or three new posters whose sole purpose in life is to look for ways to prove themselves idiots.....most of the Alouette fans on this forum have little cockiness in them.....

It was more than 2 or 3 and not just from this forum.

jm somtimes I wish you would sh** the f*** up!!!

thanks EE just how I feel too.

.....and I wish you would sprout wings and fly off into a jet engine, but that's not happening either.....

you are just alittle bised.

GO ESKS!!! 57 seconds to go, 28-25 for Edmonton!

lmao jm02, that was hilarious YEEEHAAA ESKIIIIIIIIIIES

Look who is calling the kettle black

  1. I am not a mod.

  2. I didn't write the worst things.So go after them. :lol:

  3. But , I do agree ,sometimes.

So, hellothere - by your logic, mods are not allowed to retaliate when someone calls them down?

:roll: why not shoot that messenger?

You are just proving their point!

read this , and set an example.

What does a being a mod have to do with anything?

Or maybe we should just quit when things dont go our way :roll:

what way is that? I just agreed with their post , I didn't write it.

You are making an a$$ of yourself. :lol: