One positive.

Despite all the goof ups, we were actually in a postion to win.

Couldn't say that the first two games.

nope… and i’d like to start saying it about other teams!!


The most plesant surprise was the ballhawking nature of the defence, generating a lot of turnovers. If hadn’t been outschemed in the last minute, I think we still win the game.

Bye bye Kavis.

Oski Wee Wee,

Actually we were also in a position to win the game in Toronto as well just no adjustments were made at the half.

I don't think we were out schemed.

I think we were out performed.

Nope. I disagree. Calling a prevent D when you're just trying to stop them from getting into field goal range is stupid.

Well, we did come close, that’s true. But I’m afraid I can’t see that as being much of a positive. Points in the standings are not given out for coming close to winning.

And it should also be mentioned that was a few mistakes by Calgary that kept us in the game. It’s like they were trying to let us into the game, like they were trying to make it interesting or something.