One positive note......about the 2007 season.

For the first time in several seasons...
I believe we have a coaching staff, ( made up of the right stuff ). That will finally place the horror shows of the past several seasons...behind us. Most of us on this fan forum... screamed repeatedly for change. Big change. Well, we have finaly got that wish. A change that I believe will be the start of things positive, to the on field product. And for us to cheer about.....
Win lose or draw... as games proceed in 2007, I believe we as fans, will see a steady improvement to this team. Players such as Jason Mass, or any others for that matter...will perform to their maximum, or they simply.....will be gone.
I think we can safely say....the long running horror show is ( thank christ ) finally over..... and the club has started to turn the corner.
Now that is cheer about. :thup:

To play the devil's advocate.

True, the coaching staff really sounds good on paper.

Didn't we think that way before last season
when we brought in all those free agents?

I'm from Missouri