One plus about this seasons schedule

only looked at two west teams and two east teams schedules, but it looks like all teams play 5 or 6 of their last 6 games inter division. Should make things good right down to the wire. :thup:

yeah, the Riders have Calgary twice and Edmonton 3 times coming up.

going to be a great finish!

Cetainly in the minds of the CFL when making the schedule. With all of the early conflicts to go with the usalu Argo's Conflicts had both Ottawa and Hamilton on the road early and often in the west with only Montreal not having any stadium conflicts. Up until Labor Day Weekend the Als are the prime tenant at McGill venue. After the start of the CIS season they have the solid Sunday 1:00 start home games being well known and available for easy scheduling.

Nothing new. The league has scheduled like that for a long time. It's why I don't buy the argument about records evening out when they start playing their division rivals. The league has taken the stance, and as a fan I like it, that down the stretch to the playoffs teams should play the teams they are competing against for that playoff spot.

Yes and no...if you play your division earlier there is some logic that it will force your club to get better faster. In a typical year you play your div 8-10 times...if 7-8 of those games are in the 2nd half and you win a couple in the first half and aim to go >50/50 down the stretch you are probably safe. If if you play a few earlier, you are a lot more motivated to get good fast. Definately adds some spice argument there.

Ilike it as well. now that Hamilton finally has a real home for the first time lets see how much better they will play. the started this season off on the road in the mostly the West with all western clubs having the conforts of their training camp and home stadium and practice facilities in great condition.
Toronto as well are used to there situation but makes it no easier and having the receivers depleted to almost zero starters has not helped them.
Winnipegs situation while in the east were dismal the past few seasons. Now moving to the West they finally have everything in order.
Montreal was the strong club in the east for years with the best situation of stadium for season and bigger hoome stadium for playoffs along with inheriting an already great orginization coming from Baltimore. That about 15 years of riding all that has come to an end and for the first time really having a major orginizational transition as well now among the worst training facilities situation in the league with the depleted Olympic as well