One player fined after Week 4 action

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has announced one fine after Week 4 action.

Edmonton Elks defensive lineman Jake Ceresna has received a maximum fine for a low hit on Ottawa REDBLACKS quarterback Tyrie Adams.

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The result was a torn ACL for Adams and the end to his season.

It’s a shame for Adams, but imagine the uproar if the victim had been a more prominent QB. We’re in Marino territory here.

One fine in 47 games?? Hardly in Marino territory…


I was alluding more to the act itself rather than player history.

What a shame. Adams is now gone for the season just when he was showing some promise. I really hope Masoli can stay healthy now.


I wonder if the Redblacks would consider reaching out to Bombers’ recent cut, Tyrell Pigrome. They should need another arm with Adams out (even with Masoli back in).

Or bringing in local product Michael O’Connor could be a solid move.


We’d bring back Tyrell Pigrome in a heartbeat if something happened to one of our ‘throwing quarterbacks’. He’s not an uber 3rd down specialist like Prukop but if the Redblacks need a QB who can sling it downfield and run like a greased Pig(rome) then they won’t go wrong signing this guy.


Who? Never heard of him. They should bring in O’Connor for sure.

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What the… you’ve never heard of… ahhhh, I get it. Xnay on the Pignay.

Sorry. We made him up. Filet what’s his name never existed and if he did we’d have first dibs on him.