one player can make that much difference?

15. Toronto Raptors
The Raps would’ve held the top spot had Kawhi returned to Toronto, but for now the Raptors enter next season in familiar territory — with a talented roster that should compete for a top-four spot in the conference but doesn’t quite have the firepower to make a serious playoff run.


Yup, that’s the NBA for you. One player can make or break a team’s chances. LeBron leaves Cleveland (twice), and they go from top tier contender to doormat (twice). Kawhi is now leaving Toronto. Toronto now has no stars. They’ll barely make the playoffs, if that

Ha ha! It’s over for the Craptors! This will be their only championship.

I would argue a QB in the CFL is just as important. With out someone solid in that critical position it can be disastrous for a team.

Considering they made the playoff before he arrived… I think they’ll be OK. They still have the same brain trust and GM. They still have the core of the team… They still have the development of Raptors 905.


They made the playoffs with Demar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry was younger, they also lost Danny Green. They added Siakam as a second star, and also have (an aging) Marc Gasol. Given that they lost Kawhi for nothing, they’ll take a significant step back. They look good for the future (eg they won’t fall to the basement), but they’ll take a significant step back