One Owner

What about the idea of the entire CFL being bought by one really rich person who would control the business and marketing side of all of the teams. Season ticket holders could vote for their GM who would run the entire football side for their team. GM's would be elected for 3 year terms, and anyone who wanted the job could run for it. This may be the only way to get ownership that will take the league in a definitive direction. I can already see Kanga running for GM of the Bombers.

NO, not a good idea. I feel owners should be Canadian, they understand the CFL and what it takes to operate a franchise in Canada. That is why the Ottawa franchise is suspended cause the Gliebs just didnt get it. I wonder , who has the resources to run an entire league? Gates? Wal-Mart? Conrad Black?(once he gets out of the pokey)

That is a warped idea! Kanga is that you!

When the NHL was locked out, i believe a company wanted to buy the whole league lock,stock and barrell, was rejected and very rightly so, its not in any league's interest to have only one owner.

yes and I do not believe they would be in business very long. If I remember right they just wnated their name in the press. Money talks bull$hit walks!

The league would run outta dough in about 12 hours if Lord Black bought it...but then again, our league would then belong to that banks...and who's got more money than them??

I won't argue that it is a strange idea, but it wouldn't be as expensive as you might think. Eight (or nine) franchises valued at $10-$15 million each would end up costing somewhere between what a NHL team and a MLB team would cost. Someone like Eugene Melnyk could pull it off. There would be tight control over the salary cap as everything would go through the one owner. It would also give more stability to franchises with financial worries.

It could allso mean that he could stack a team with the best players from the rest of the league. It just woudnt work, you would see a lot of back door and underhanded deals, which is just not fair to the rest of the league or the fans. Ive seen that happen , we had and independent baseball league called the Prairie League, with an owner being the commish as well. This league folded after just two years, cause of shady dealing to stack teams.

The football part of each organization would be run entirely by that team's GM who would be chosen by that team's season ticket holders. The GM would hire the all of the players, coaches and the scouts (all within the salary cap). The owner would just sign the cheques. It wouldn't make sense for the owner to interfere with the football operations and jeopardize his/her investment.

Because of the disfunctional group that we have in the CFL, this maybe the only way to save the league.
You will recall during the XFL days, Vince McMahon wanted to buy the CFL for then what $20M per team. We are glad that the league did not bite.

Although I dont like this idea , i'll ask this question anyway. Providing that they are interested in buying this league, who has the deep pockets to do that?

Yeah, I dont like that idea at all… Not good enough…

I dont know bout football.........but just ask ro........he might have insight on this topic...........

Bob Young or Eugene Melnyk would have deep enough pockets to run the whole CFL. Do you think the league would draw more fans if Bob Young owned every team.

So what happens if another Renegades situation happens? Does theowner use revenue from the other team to keep the problem franchise alfoat? Or does he order the other teams to tank it so the fans come back to support the team once it starts winning? Does he just fold the franchsie? There are too many variables to having one owner, he could be a fan of one franchise(imagine Kanga owning the CFL), he could make any rule changes he wishes , wether the fans like it or not, it just would not work. You say he is there just to sign the cheques, but if you get someone who is very hands-on as an owner, it could be catatrosphic decision to go with one owner of he league

No, I think it's an awful idea to have one owner for the whole league ... way too "bush league" (there's those words again). I don't think it could work. The owner would basically have to be in all 8 to 10 cities at once, and he wouldn't be able to pay sufficient, equal attention to every team. It would seem too much like just a guy watching his little play-league unfold. I think interest would plummet in the CFL. I know I would lose some respect for it ...

What needs to be done is: get a bond from any new owners, to avoid Gleib-esque fiascos; get more power to the commissioner, and out of the owner's hands (unfortunately, it's the owners that have to vote on this), so as to make the commish NOT just a figurehead. Tom Wright has good ideas for this league and has taken great strides with the CFL ... the governors, idiots that they are, have to let him do this. Each individual team has good marketing (I think), but the CFL as a whole needs better marketing ... I think Tom Wright realizes this and is working towards it.

sounds like somthing the CBL should do, sry CWD, although I'd love to be a commisor of the CFL, I don't think that plan is for it and would hurt the league than improve it.

the league needs to market itself better, like the other NA pro leagues, that's all.


Remember Vince McMahon and the XFL??? Nuff said

Well , sportsmen, maybe Troy Westwood can adopt the a version of "he hate me" for his jersey that reads "they hate me" and wear it at all the bombers' away games

What, No love for Troy in Regina? :shock: I thought he was everybody's favorite Visiting Team's Player.........I am perplexed by your statement! :wink: