One Owner Of Two Teams

David Braley might be the greatest Canadian since Sir John A. MacDonald, but I have to say it really bothers me to have an individual own 2 teams.
How might this affect the Als? Lets say its the 2nd to last game of the season, B.C. who has already clinched first place in the West is playing Tor. who are fighting with the Als for first place in the East. B.C. having clinched, decide to rest their starters. I think this would create a little bit of a smell, and Als fans certainly would have some questions.

That happens all the time

Better to have a good owner of 2 teams instead of bad owners of 1 team. Good owners help to provide financial stability and usually do not interfere with managers doing their jobs.

I know the optics on it are not the best, but like Thirdperson says, better Braley with 2 teams and a passion for the CFL than a Glieberman, Schwartz, or Watters.

why do u care really? like seriously. who cares. if the guy wants to own 2 teams, let em. WHO CARES.

bc vs toronto will be no different than bc vs toronto previous years.. u really think the owners gonna say, hey guys, take it easy on eachother cuz like, i own both of u? SERIOUSLY.. lol, these guys hire vps and gm's and head coaches who make football decisions.. WHO CARES IF BRALEY OWNS MORE THAN 1 TEAM.