One owner needed for H2H CFL fantasy league

This H2H league is returning for it's second season in '05, and is in need of 1 owner to take over an "orphaned" franchise. 2 divisions of four teams each, and each division has it's own player pool. Each division has its own draft, no trading players between divisions. Draft is "slow" draft on a message board, with Week 7 of the CFL targeted as the start date. Currently in Round 6 of 12.

No cost to play...

Portland is the available team - Damon Allen, Corey Holmes, Arland Bruce, Jermaine Copeland, Dave Stala are the current players.

Pretty basic scoring, post here and PM me if you are interested.



Does this mean you are interested??

opening has been filled…

No, sorry, but it seems like a cool league. :wink:

I could be interested if I could get some more information.