One out of every 140 visitors to this site are German?

scroll to the bottom of the page...
It's fun to play around on this site... Punch in,, and It's almost comical how badly TSN destroys these sites in viewers and worth.
Other interesting sites are are they popular... they are worth more then,,, combined.

Interesting CFL. Speaking of German people, when I was out west this year doing some hiking, I would guess that over 1/2 of the people we met were from Germany.

We have many German visitors in BC. So many so, that the public service announcements on ferries and airlines are often done in English and German. Germans apparently love the outdoors and flock to campsites in BC during the summer, with seemingly half the campers being from Germany. They say they don't have anything like our pristine outdoors, other than the Black forest, but their hiking trails are usually packed and you can't get away from people.

I find that it more amazing that nearly 20% of those using the CFL website are from the U.S (and the site only generates $2000 a month in ad revenue)?

This site does very little traffic... The AFL (Assie rules)does 4 times as much and the NFL gets 8 times as many hits from Canada as this site.
Not sure why.....probably because the CFL wasn't smart enough to get a ".com" address

Try 1 / 400 visitors to the site are German... and the site does significantly more traffic than you'd think.

I don't know about Germans but thank god for Ad Block plus :thup:

Do you suck at math or id you simply not click on the link...
If one in every 400 was german...the number would be 0.25... The number is 0.7..... do the math my friend.
How does this site do lots of traffic when in Canada it is barely in the top thousand... The NFL on the other hand is in the top 200... I have no idea why CFL fans do not come on here... Possibly they do not come on here to check the standings because there are only 8 teams everybody knows what they are..
I have no idea..but it is simple math my friend.
The NBA does better then the NFL in Canada... Maybe I am right about people checking the standings...And thieir are similar sites like this one and all of their numbers are similar..... hmmm

CFL, the next time you feel the urge to spout off, stop and think... Jett is the technical administrator for this website. Chances are he knows more about the traffic this site gets than some website you found online. :wink: you suck at typing or did you simply not click on the d?....

Spelling aside, I think traffic is low on the CFL site due to the low content. There is little compelling reason to visit the site. The news is just a re-hash of some stories already printed in newspapers. The stats are pretty thin, with little historical data of players or teams, the bare minimum really, and a little less.

While the visual appeal of the CFL site has improved, they really need to work on their content. Why are the game box scores so thin when the teams themselves produce comprehensive media guides for every game? The stats are out there somewhere, they just need to be compiled. The website should hire some football journalists and a professional editor. Do some promotion of the site at events and in the media. This website should be a resource for statistical information of the CFL's past and present. If the CFL won't print it, who will?

eVEN BEYOND THAT... has player stats for every player that has ever played in the league..
Say I wanted to know how many recieving yards Jim Sandusky caught in 1987... There is no way of finding out.... Heck.. there is no way of finding out his career numbers either.

Numbers are numbers. Somehow people who visit are more, because some guy who happens to work for this site says so.
Numbers are numbers...The fact is half the people who visit this site use the measage board... Why is that?
It's that way because as a resource centre...there is nothing here.

Well, it would mean that he has direct access to the date... but that's probably not that important.

...thanks, answered my question nicely...

What are we doing here... writing resumes...What are you, the spell police.
Like come on, my caps lock key got stuck... What, you expect me to start over?
Sorry I am not anal. I could care less if I have improper spelling or bad grammar.
I try my best, but I will not go out of my way.One thing is for sure. I do not double check what I write.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

...I kind of thought he was Captain Ironic...

I spend around 40% of my time at my company’s German head office so maybe I’m helping out. Viewing from Dresden right now.

HAHA nice :slight_smile:

Hey Jett: Has it been up significantly this year vs previous years? Seems like the CFL is finally not only holding ground with people, but starting to dig roots, and I like it!

Take a look here for your answer:

[url=] ... o-remember[/url]

I can't say much beyond what that article says, but needless to say, they took projections and tossed them out the window this year.