One of the reasons I don't like Danny and Roy

Danny and Roy this is the main reason why I don't like these guys. They do not look out for the best interest of the team and look out for the best interest of their players win or lose.

The latest example is sitting out Terrel Jurineak with a "injury". They should have just made him serve his suspension, so he can be ready for the Calgary game next week, but since that would mean that TJ would lose his game salarie they decided to say he was injured so he could still collect his paycheck. So now the riders will be with out TJ for possibly 2 games when it could have been one forsure.

The other common examples are how Danny and Roy stick with players beyond their prime, expensive vetrans that are playing below par lets start the list. Jackie Mitchell always hurt and when he isn't still lets up big plays, Eddie Davis beyond his prime making prime money not performing at a high lvl, Corey Grant and Jason French beyond me why these guys are still in the line up with Fantuz sitting Fantuz has caught every ball thrown his way this year I hate to say could it be a racial issue? Another player I hate to put in this category Nate Davis hasn't produced at all yet this year if he doesn't turn it arround he shouldn't deserve his job next year. Good or bad this year I would like to see Danny and Shiv done with this team. Its not fair to the fans and supporters of this team to have management that is only looking out for the best interest of their players and isn't putting the team first.

BTW KK you are still a hood rat, but you looked like a running back again finnaly against calgary this weekend good job buddy!

As a rider fan, don’t even get into the racial stuff man. That’s pathetic. They are playing the TJ senario well, the league has not handed out an “official” suspension yet. As for Nate not having a good year? He is the reason that TJ, Perry, Schultz, and McCoulough are getting loads of tackles he plugs the middle and takes the double team. You have totally contradicted yourself in saying that Danny and Roy are not looking out for the good of the players, yet in the same breath, you criticize their descision to sit TJ and have another younger player get some playing time. It’s okay to give a guy a game off.

To tell you the truth I dont think that Jurineak has been playing up to his potential. I agree with your comments about French at least starting over Fantuz minus the little racial comment but at the same time Fantuz is still a rookie and will eventually take over for either French or Grant this season (more than likely French cause Grant isn’t having that bad of a season). Nate Davis needs to drop about 20 pounds of fat and gain 20 pounds of muscle and he’d be unstoppable.

Davis is also hurt but I believe his performance is subpar this year..notice the game he was out the riders got 6 sacks..that says something about the younger backups..I agree he needs to get leaner and meaner..
Ive stated my opinions on the over the hill veterans so no need to rant on about them. I have never been a French fan hes too inconsistant.. hence Fantuz..even Grant is showing flashes of brilliance and rather him than French

Are you actually serious???? Where the hell did I contradict myself. No where in there did I say he should be looking out for the best interest of individual players, they need to look at what is best for the team and I said that by giving examples of TJ situation....... and you are serious you think its ok to give a guy a game off are you nuts, if he is healthy put him on the roster they only have 18 regular season games a year what if you said to your boss can you give me 1/18th of my work year off just because??????? I don't think so. Secondly I will apologize for suggesting a racial issue here, I am just aware that Roy used to be a part of the black panthers, not to say there is anything wrong with that but just wondering (trying to be as politically correct about this as I can so don't get on my back).

BTW also if you would pay attention to CFL news the official suspension was handed out last week on wed or thurs, they are trying to apeal it so TJ doesn't lose a games salarie. IMO recompensate the guy under the table just put the players on the feild.

So what you are saying is that you would willingly give up $3500 if you were (in your opinion) wrongfully accused. Good luck with that. It is TJ’s decision to appeal the suspension and I think he should have every right to do so. He was (in my opinion) wrongfully accused and he should not have to give up his hard earned money because he had an injury. Would you be so quick to give up your paycheck for the benefit of the company you work for? I sure as hell wouldn’t!!

And compensate under the table?!?!?!? Sounds all nice but it is that kind of thing the salary management system is supposed to end. If it is okay to pay suspended players under the table, is it okay to pay bonus salaries to vets you can’t actually afford under the table? Get real.

AND why are you so quick to judge guys like Jackie Mitchel and Eddie Davis but Kenton has one decent game and he is back in your good books? Just curious.

Go Riders!!

Just Curious to know if you knew that Eddie Davis is not only our leading tackler but is tied for 3rd in the league. Hmmm sure looks like he is getting old. Oh did I mention he scored a td this year as well. Shucks they sure should get rid of that old guy Eddie.

How do you think all the other teams keep their players, there is heaps of money that gets tossed arround that doesn't go down on the pay roll and I think we all know that teams like Toronto and Edmonton are almost certainly doing this, btw the rider players are going to be fund raising money to pay for Schultz and TJ suspensions so they are going to get their money don't worry.

2ndly KK is still a hood rat and I want him off this team asap!!!! In saying that I hope he starts playing his ass off and maybe we can get some trade value out of him. Other than that he deserves to be bottled just like he did to that bouncer, that guys face was a mess I saw him over at the uni!

You know what that tells me when looking at the stats, is this. He is getting picked on and beat by his receivers if he is leading in tackles. A DB shouldn't be that high on the tackles stat sheet. One play also doesn't make a season if it did I would be worshiping Jackie Mitchell for almost putting Dave Dickenson in the grave with that hit. But they are bolth past their prime, find somone new and you to come step in.

BTW Watch for the match up between Davin Bush and Jermaine Copeland this weekend, it should be good, our best DB against their best WR, and JC is pretty upset about last week. I would love to see Bush shut him down again!

Ok, boonedock, how can you say we can get some value out of him. Anybody that says all this negative stuff is not really a rider fan, so enough of this we and us bull because your not one of us. Real rider fans aren't quick to judge, and yeah maybe jackie mitchell is hurt alot and can't cover guys, but apparently you didn't watch the BC game where he killed dickinson? As for KK, when u get like 7 carries a game, he's not going to break 100 yards with that. Eddie Davis is having again the best year of his career, the reason he is getting tackles, is because he's coming to help other db's and to stop the run, get your head out of your ass, and go cheer for the stamps you loser!

Kman I agree the "racial stuff" is pathetic.

Not pathetic that we are mentioning it. pathetic that it appears to be a problem.