One of the best finishes ever!

Congrats to Thomas DeMarco and the entire Lions team [and SSK] for providing such a fabulous entertaining game!

Special note to Dooger....

Yes, serve up a plate of crow for me. I deserve it. DeMarco played like a real pro. In every sense of the word. The Lions team played like the Lions of old. Bell was brilliant! Thomas DeMarco has made a believer out of me, that is all I can say.
With 3rd and 10 and only seconds left on the clock I was ready to accept defeat. A loss most likely but a game the Lions could hold their heads up high afterwards.
It was disappointing and almost heartbreaking when the Lions D number 95 got the roughing the passer penalty when it was 3rd and 15 for SSK. Had that not happened the Lions had the game. I do not fault #95. He was playing aggressively and there was no intent to harm. It was just one of those judgment calls.

Milo m[SSK's FG kicker] must be talking to himself. What are the odds of a FG kicker hitting the uprights twice in a single game? What are the odds that neither would bank in off the uprights for at least a 3 pointer?

Special congrats goes to Simon for tying Cahoon's record for most catches.

Yes beaglehound the game last weekend ranks right up there on the list for dramatic finishes for sure. The best Lions game ever for me was the West Semi-Final at Old Empire in 1977. Lions won that game 33-32 in a rainy wind weather game; I was in the stands and enjoyed that game big time as if it was yesterday. Dieter Brock :thup: QB for Winnipeg put on a great show - every player/coaches stepped up to the plate for that matter.

That must have been a quite a game Taylorfield with the added outdoors elements of wind and rain. This is what the CFL does for me. It takes me back to yesteryear and those fabulous nostalgic times. No doubt many of the fans had their little "mickey" flasks to take the edge off during that game. I remember those Empire Stadium days when I was in my early 20s. Very fond memories indeed! While I love watching the Lions play it will never be like the good old days of Empire Stadium. I can't remember the game you are referring to but I'll try to dig it up somewhere. Not exactly sure just where. :cry:

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I found an article on the 1977 West Semi Final in the link above; scroll down the page somewhat. Cheers.