One of the best defensive secondaries in the CFL.

If you look at other teams and compare them with our guys, we are in the top 3 in the CFL. When you think about it, with the pretty much non-existent pressure our D-Line has gotten. For our guys to be playing as well as they have it could be argued that our guys are the best in the CFL. If you look at the other teams that lead the league in INTs they all have an excellent pass rush witch causes some of their interceptions. Our secondary has had to basically do it all themselves!

I just wanted to give these guys all the respect they deserve!

Look out next season with these guys in our defensive secondary(and hopefully somewhat of a pass rush) we could have the most feared defensive secondary in the CFL.

I hate to rain on your parade but ......

Last in first downs given up by the pass
Last in

I hate to rain on your parade but this "league's best secondary" is ......

Last in first downs given up by the pass
Last in average gain per pass given up
Last in passing yds given up
Last in YPG given up by the pass
Last in completed passes given up
Last in % of completed passes given up
Last in TD passes given up
Last in points given up

the lack of pass rush certainly doesnt help, general there are 3 or four guys out there who shouldn't or wont be there next year.

I actually like most of our secondary. I think with Barker at safety next year. I like Tis and CT. Bradley is great on the outside the only one I would be looking to replace would be Gordon. RR is a nice back upor 5th db. The lb's I am not sure about Jury is still out on Anthony, Knowlton and the Hulk but we definetly need a replacement for Mariuz. Alot of the teams success on defence is based on a good pass rush (beating a dead horse) when we find that it will make a huge difference to our secondary. If NML wants a spot on this team next year or in the league I think he is going to have to work very hard in the offseason.
Should be interesting I'd like to see a list of free agents.

The biggest stat for me 3-13. All these 'last ins...' add up to 3-13. This is definitely not one of the CFLs best secondaries. IMO, they're better than when everybody was hanging their hats on Tay Cody but still, at least two of these guys need to be improved upon for 2009.

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Not sure why Gordon starts every week, but his spot is where the team needs to upgrade.

Well, they're not one of the best secondaries this year, but if Obie actually goes out and gets bodies so that you have a pass rush, they might be next year. Thompson, Robinson, Tisdale, and Bradley are all keepers. Gordon is terrible, but I'm sure you can find someone to challenge for his spot in the offseason. I agree that what they have accomplished is impressive considering the pathetic D-line and the questionable Creehan schemes.

Thank you, at least someone understands what I was trying to say!

When I said one of the best secondaries in the CFL I meant it in a talented not statistic way. Our secondary(with the exception of Gordon) is easily up there with the leagues elite. They may not have the greatest stats this season but EVERY team's secondary in the CFL would have the same if not worse numbers if they had our D-line.

We are looking good for next year if OBIE can actually bring in some d-lineman that aren't scared of touching the opposing QB. lol

Also we need to find a Canadian replacement for Mariuz because he is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! He couldn't tackle a guy tonight if his life depended on it.