One of the best CFL seasons in Years!

This was one helluva season for the cfl, talk about exciting! i dont think anyone could have scripted a better way to end the season! can you guys believe there is actually a meaningful regular season game in November! plus to end it with the Battle of Alberta with the stakes so high... wow!


absolutely! been a great season! incredible!!!!!!!!!!

My Bombers could have done better in their 75th season but beggers can't be chossers and we'll be back in 2006.

and for the most part, my weild ideas have worked!

been a greart second season for me!!!! true GEG, good game to your club today, should be a wild one.......

Yes...this was an incredible Football season. Cementing yet again why I choose to watch THE VERY BEST STYLE of Football in the world! Besides....Football should be played in the Summer and Fall because Winter is my favorite season and should not be spent indoors in front of the T.V. Unless of course I do what I have done before, and carry the T.V. outside to watch the Grey Cup to get the "atmosphere" :wink:

It's also been a true pleasure conversing and exchanging thoughts and ideas with the people who are a part of this Great site. The playoffs and Grey Cup I expect, will be no less then the exciting and awsome spectacles that they usually are. Supplying all who watch, with a "high" so great that it will only be matched by the "low" of the off season after all the emotions are spent, And the realization sets in that it's all over until next year.

Like a real sport should do!!

Even I'm very excited about the way this year went.

The Cats won half of their last 10 games, had a winning record at home, and went 5-1 in their last 6 games at Ivor Wynne.

Most exciting is league attendance, which is up across the league. More teams saw increases this year than last, with only Ottawa showing a significant decline. It's the fourth year in a row that average attendance across the league has gone up. Edmonton is averaging over 40,000 per game, and B.C., Calgary and Toronto are averaging over 30,000. Edmonton, B.C., Toronto and Hamilton are experiencing their highest attendance in years, some their highest in decades!

And now to top it off, the final game of the regular season will determine whether Calgary hosts Edmonton for the western semi-final, or whether they must play in B.C. for the right to play in the final in Edmonton.

What a year! How can they possibly top this in 2006? Maybe an 18-0 season by my Ticats?

Great year in the CFL! I think the Ticats will be a strong contender next season, i predict they'll finish 10-8.

Hopefully, so will the Bombers and Gades as well.

Every playoff team had a .500 record or better. No team had more than a .666 record.

That's an awfully good outcome in a league where 8-10 teams not uncommonly take the championship.

I had a great time at this site . Lots of cool people here. :smiley:

The ARGOS , proved that winning last year , was no fluke......Will ALLEN , win his first MOP?....EIBAN , broke his own tackle record! :shock:

Better attendence in TORONTO , B.C. , and take a bow EDMONTON and HAMILTON , fans! :shock: :smiley:

AMAZING.... T.V. ratings!!!!!!!!!!!! [season high = 1.2 million]... More major league , sponsors! :shock: :smiley:

WINNIPEG , well done , STEGALL! :smiley:

HAMILTON , next year looks allot better! A young new Q.B. and LUMSDEN! Great fans! :smiley:

OTTAWA , prey! With a proper off season , things could get better! :wink:

JOESHEP , runs for over 1,000 yards as a Q.B. :shock: :smiley:

Lots of great games and many surprize wins.

And the play offs are yet to come................ :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

.........Will the ARGOS repeat OR get killed in the EASTERN final , after a long lay off?

For..... SASK.....Remember , 1989? You wanted the EAST , here it is!

CALGARY , can the dark horse , continue? GREAT DEFENCE!
BURRIS passes , FLUTIE! Can you you beat EDMONTON , again?

Can MONTREAL , win 3 big games in a ROW? Here is your chance to prove it.
DAVE STALA , and a great year for many CANADIAN players!!!... A.C. over 5000 , again!

Will Edmonton , rebound from the last game of the season?
RAY, and now a great running game with , TROY!




Much as I like having fun and smacking fans from other teams, I’ll be serious for a moment. HOw lucky are we to live in Canada. Not involved in a war with our young getting killed, living in peace and relative prosperity( I know it is not perfect but we are better off than most every other country), and we have the time to enjoy things like the CFL and other great Canadian cultural stuff. With Remembrance Day coming up, I for one will be thinking how fortunate we are here in Canada, and , thanking the veterans and memories of those veterans who did not make it home, for all that we have in this wonderful country.

Canada Forever!!

Beautiful TB! DAMN! I WISH I WERE CANADAIN!!! :cry:


To those detractors of Wright, take notice. While he was not directly involved in all decisions, it seems obvious to me that he has done an excellent job of running the CFL this year. Things to improve on, yes, but still a good year.


KANPAI!!!!!!!!!!! (CHREES!!!!!!!!!!)

I will agree it is a great year for CFL. We get to see rising attendance, better football (at least it seems there were less penalties than before), more TV coverage of the CFL here in the US (probably it's my cable network but who am I to complain :lol: ), the Argos winning the East and there's a good chance that finally Damon Allen will win the MOP.

The CFL is on a roll but the one thing that concerns me is Ottawa. With the way the Gloobs runing the organization I'm afraid that Ottawa might be the flat tire that could stop the CFL's drive. Something needs to be done there and fast.

AGREED!!! great post! and THANK YOU! :smiley: