One of our biggest problems is the D

We constantly are playing off of receivers by 10-15 yards on EVERY play, and have been since week 1. All any team has to do is throw a screen and bam! first down. 2nd and ten? No problem, our D is so far away that all they have you do is run a 8 yard curl wide open, and take a few steps first down, then we make a tackle.


and don't forget our lack of run stop D too! 4 straight games now they have been able to run at us at will!

To be more precise I would say Dline and some DB's. Lucas has been steady at LB and Williams until he went down. Morgan is nearing the end of his usefulness as a DB but Donovan Alexander is the future of this defense if he stays in the CFL. I have the feeling a lot of NFL teams are going to be really interested in this guy soon.

Im worried for next week VS the Ti-cats and diandra cobb running all over us there is no way we can stop him if they dont change the way they line up and quit getting angled out of the gaps also Porter likes to run the ball alot.