One Of Our Best Trades Made...

I know we have been scratching our heads about the Butler for Flick and Smith trade, but I was just looking around and came across the 2005 trade RB Troy Davis and OL Dan Comiskey. We got from Edmonton WR Brock Ralph along with DB Tay Cody and a first-round pick in the 2006 Canadian College Draft and who did we draft with that first round pick? Jesse Lumsden?

I'm not 100% sure but I think we drafted Jesse in 05.. but yes it was a good trade for us.

To add to that.. I really think Tad Cody is the best Ti-Cats D player in the last decade. He is easily at the Grover Covington level. Big score for us.

Ya sorry Lumsden was drafted in 2005 I've been trying to look for the guy we drafted in 2006 I know we drafted Peter Dyakowski but that was in the second round.


Great that saves me from searching all day lol

Draft history info can be found on

It was a good trade. Yet, I remember several irate posters making the usual threats of canceling season's tickets.

Ya tell me about it but just like every trade we make there is someone that was a fan of the player and always had those threats.

Um… Joe?

Sorry but I would pick Tay over Joe any day.

Hey G're not THE Gary U.S. Bonds are you?

Anyways, the Cats did draft some pretty good players when Marshall was here. Not to take anything away from Marcel, but boy Marshall did have a eye from Canadian talent.

I am actually really disappointed in what CIS Canadians we brought in while Marshall was here.

Lumsden/no-brainer aside, what CIS Canadians that Marshall would have scouted did we get?

Our best Canadians came from U.S. college.

Spilt blackandgld

You said "Best Ticats D player in the last decade"

The guy has played all of 2 seasons and you are comparing him to Joe Montford? Are you kidding?

Talk to me in 5 years.

Crash, well said. Cody seems to be a solid player, but Joe let us to the 99 Cup. Dominating defensive player. Teams changed their schemes to deal with him and we still ran the table.

I wish Cody was that good. Don't get me wrong, he's good. But I grew up watching Harold Woods, Felix Wright and Jim Rockford.

Are you kidding me?

Cody is unreal, but there is no way he is the "best Ti-Cats D player in the last decade."

Cody has had one good season as a starter here in Hamilton. Montford dominated year after year. Let's continue this conversation in 8 years.

Guess I should've read this first. My bad.

Yup talk to him in 5 years… after we have 5 more losing seasons and Joe Montford has been flushed out of the current decades historical database

yup Hamilton is easily the worst team of the decade. I know how it feels. Being a Rider fan back during the 90s was not easy...

Riders win in 89 and were brutal the following decade

Hamilton wins in 99 and were brutal the following decade as well

Weird bit of info but back on topic I'd say your best trade still was getting Holmes although he has not been utilized yet to his potential. If Hamilton had kept the number 1 draft pick and we kept Holmes who would Hamilton have picked or who would you Hamilton fans have liked to pick from the Ottawa dispersal draft??