One new Forum would be great!

There is a CFL forum, LCF forum, a forum for each team. For the most part these Forums cover most of the topics that are raised. However, there is one on-going topic that is brought up constantly that could really benefit by having its own forum to post ideas and opinions on this subject.

The subject I am referring to, is, of course the non-stop Regina Bashing, Saskatchewan Bashing and Roughrider club and Fan bashing. Its quite plain to see that we (roughriders) are the most hated team in the league. I never knew, but I am glad I know this now. Anyways if somebody could contact the mediator or whoever is in charge of this site and request we add a new forum to the page. The Bash anything in Saskatchewan forum. It would be one of, if not, the most active forum(s) in use. I am not being bitter just trying to help out those who hate me without knowing me. After all, I just wannabe friends. You crazy forum mongers, I love you all very much.

Glad to see you take the blinders off there buddy. I'll bet the team and fans that you hate the most are/is the Edmonton Eskimos. Why would I say that? Simple. It is my impression that the Eskimos and their fans are the most hated by a lot throughout the leauge. We have just finished dealing with this in another thread so I'm not going to go down that road again, but suffice to say you are not alone in your plight.

Have a nice day!

I hate no one, i love football :smiley:

that is not ture, in rank the teams, there are one of the most loved clubs.

Edmonton.... well that is another story. But no one makes fun of them becase it isn't as fun as making fun of the Riders.

Here is an idea.Don't be cheap and hand your rider forum $40.00.
There is a lot of suckers,I mean rider fans there.
Another cash grab from the riders.

....#589, having joined our happy little CFL family only lately you haven't benefitted from the months of past posting.......Like coming into a movie half finished you've missed elements of plot vital to where we are today........allow me to recap......and before I do please note I am not a rider basher, once my Stamps are done for the year, which has happened all too frequently over the past three years or so, I'll cheer the Riders on, for anyone that beats the Eskimos is a friend of mine!.......

......long before the season began, of the western teams the Rider fans were perhaps the most vocal they have ever been in years.....and why not?, coming off a successful run last year, knocking off the shmoes in their own house and almost winning the western semi in the Lions Den there was an optimism that this year was destined to be much optimism in fact that it turned critical mass, the Riders weren't going to just be good this year, according to the Riderville faithful there were already plans for the parade down Albert noise out of the lions camp, very little fanfare out of edmonton, a little tooting of horns from cowtown over having new owners and sounds of crickets out of winnipeg made the riders the loudest by exception......then a few things happened, Burris signed with calgary, Ricky Ray ends up back in edmonton, and the complaining started, not just idle complaining, but air raid siren bitching, how the teams from alberta were filthy rich bastards, determined to sink the rider organization into oblivion (although the logic of this was never fully thought out, having a 'league' means having multiple teams to play, as great as the Battle of Alberta is it would grow very stale week after week after week).........but nonetheless those who followed the Riders to the very edge were boisterous to a fault......some saner than others, but for the most part ready to fight........there was a lot of animosity in those days and I guess resentment in all camps still is what professional sports are derived from, bloodless organized warfare.......

.......I am not saying the Riders started this, that would be insulting as it takes two sides to argue.....but please recognize that there is a long history on this forum of western provincial clashing that has lead to where we are today........btw, I'll be on the History Channel tonight at 8pm MST......

If we sequestered the bashing of all things Saskatchewan into one area, we’d probably lose some of the bashers, new people who won’t know where to go to throw their two cents in. This way, they can see it on the main page, or just scroll through a couple of the top threads. They’re bound to see something within the first five I’d say.

Not always due to other people, at first anyways. There’s always at least a couple rider fans that seem to just attract ridicule, and once it starts, it pretty much won’t stop until a new thread comes up to deflect it.

No point in having a seperate one, in my opinion.

Sorry R&W, I was typing as you posted. You presented a much better, and probably less biased, explanation. :slight_smile:

It was easy way back when to think the riders would be really good, and although I'm a bit more of a realist, I did expect better of this team than they've shown this year.

Losing to Ottawa twice????? C'mon..... it's not like they're that good. Maybe in Ottawa as they're at home and all, but in Taylor Field..... that hurt.

I hope the History Channel thing was taped, you'll miss the game tonight otherwise.

......Thing is, the Riders DO have a great team.......the thing that hurt them this year was a spate of bad injuries that led to a slide of sorts midseason.......if the IR dancecard hadn't been filled out so......fully.........the Riders could quite easily be sitting in second in the west and giving BC a run for the money......

that’s true, I think the most telling was Dominguez tho, he could make even Nealon look good as a passer.

Losing Davis for all those games didn’t help our defence, but I’d really like to know why we all of a sudden couldn’t hang on to the football, like that 9 turnover game in Montreal. That was quite the performance.

I would argue that Edmonton is the most disliked team in the league. How about a survey??

i say eskies most hated team, riderpriders most hated fans, to most hated city. matthews most hated coach(except in the peg where daley takes it) westwood most hated kicker, etc. there is lots of hate to go around

What about most hated poster?
I wonder who would win that one?

Should you be talking about that? I've seen you dish it pretty well in past posts :wink:

Who did you think I was talking about?
I meant moi!!!

Oh! Sarcasm!!!! I didn't see that the "light" was on! You go girl!