One more year for Obie?

Found this article and by the sounds of it he may be back.

Nice find, moscamania.

“I’m not concerned about the coach,? said O’Billovich, who probably should be. “Some of our games have been lack of performance. Is that the coach’s fault? I don’t think so. I’m at practice every day. I see what’s going on. If I didn’t think our players were being prepared properly, I’d do something about it.?

So if it isn’t the coach, what is it? The players are Obie’s. He brought them in. It’s the youngest Ticats team in recent memory and sometimes they play their age. But if the players aren’t good enough, that’s on the GM. And if the coaching staff isn’t good enough, they have to go. The legend, Don Matthews, always said there are only two kinds of football teams, those that are getting better and those that are getting worse.

And the Ticats don’t fit in either category.

I wonder if one more year is a good thing or a bad thing? After thinking about it I would have to say over all, even though an optimist at heart, it is a bad thing.


I'm saying it is a good thing. :thup:

I like Obie, and I think, he’s brought in some great player talent.

Hpwever, I wonder about his faith in Marcel. Not sure it’s justified or being properly rewarded.

I hope I’m wrong!!!

We didn't make the playoffs until he came here. Players refused to come here because of our losing ways. He totally changed high profile players' attitude toward this team and now they do want to come here. I think him coming back is a good thing.

I'm glad he's back for another year. I still have high hopes for this team and think this is all about inexperience, becoming experienced, both in players and coaches. The talent is there.

After years and years of changes, continuity is important. This team can win, even this year.

One of my reasons for saying it would be a bad thing is that we wouldn't have won our 16th Grey Cup. If we do win then this would be his swan song season, if I read Simmons correctly. :wink:

This was supposed to be Bob O’Billovich’s last year of professional football. That was the plan.

But he can’t go out like this. He can’t go out not knowing.

Not after 46 years kicking around the C.F.L. He can’t walk away from a job undone,
from a Hamilton Tiger-Cats team that is constantly in a state of consternation.

O’Billovich truly believed this could be an 11-7 team, maybe it they got a break or two, 12-6.

The perfect time for him to walk away. Maybe with his last Grey Cup win at the age of 71.

But likely, O’Billovich is going nowhere. He will talk to his family at the end of the season.

“A lot will depend on what happens,? said Obie. “How we finish, what we do.?

The betting here is he’ll be back for another year. In his mind,
there is still work to be done and he’s the man to do it.

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So Steve Simmons recalls that Obie said he would be retiring a while ago.

I dont know at what point in time that Obie said that hed be retiring

but he may have talked of retiring in about five years a few years back.

Let`s hope he keeps challenging himself to, not only build a winning team,

but a Grey Cup winning team out of the Ticats. His substantial paycheck should help.

I sure would like to see two killer DT's.