One more upgrade.......

Season is less than 2 months away. What position on YOUR team would you like YOUR GM to make one more upgrade?

One wish position only..... where would it be.

My Pick / Team, BC, I would feel comfortable with one more bona-fide Lineman.

Riders - kicker. Pikula might be just what we need, but he's inexperienced as of now.....beefing up at that position, or at least bringing in competition for training camp, would make me more comfortable.....

I would say Sask needs a kicker… maybe we cant talk Ridgway out of retirement…

.......halfback......a beefy fire hydrant with legs that can punch the ball up the middle for short yardage gains or pass protect on the blindside............

Punter for Winnipeg

Kahari Jones to somewhere, don't care where atthis point, WPG needs to loses QBs, not gain another one.

Tee Martin anybody? nah, Torso Boy is done.

while I agrre with Jm and sambo above, I think I would go for a middle line backer. while I have faith in McColough, I still think we could upgrade there.

one more go to receiver.........

One more go to receiver would be nice. Maybe trade for Terry Vaughn to play slot next to Stegall.

I'd like us to get Hebert though.

Argos definitely need help on the Offensive Line

Edmonton Eskimos - a new offensive lineman or two to fill in the gaps left after morris, beaton and possibly lefsrud retire.

Morris retired, and Beaton (Again). They were your anchors on the line!