One more trade - of the Blockbuster variety?

"Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero" – "Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future", To quote Horace, I think I'll seize the moment, and stir up the pot here - big time, I'm sure (what the heck - it's Friday):
I really believe that the Lions are on a winning streak here (1 game - yay!!) - a sentiment I'm sure are most of you die-hard kitty-lovers share (with fingers crossed behind our backs). However, so as to not hide my head in the sand,...IF they happen to loose to Toronto, and if they loose bad - not that it'll happen; but IF they do,...I would suggest shaking things up in the pride (and the igloo). Might I suggest a 2-for-2 possibility? What about a trade with Edmonton - Ricky Ray & Calvin McCarty for Jarious Jackson and Jamal Robertson? Hey, it's a hypothetical/rhetorical suggestion. Think about it - what are the ups? Edmonton is ripe to try a new starter. Apart from Curt Warner suddenly becoming available (which won't happen as he's slated to Dance with the stars soon, so I hear), ...I would think Hamilton and BC offer the best backup alternatives right now. Ray's an amazing QB, but lost faith in Edmonton's plan; and this is the first time in a long time that the Eskimos would be ripe for a viable trade. McCarty is a great back (very underutilzed this year), and he's Canadian (Vancouver boy), and a proven blocker. Jackson and Robertson offer Edmonton a whole new look.

I’d love to see some player movement. I don’t see EE liking this deal tho. Robertson is getting older and an import and JJ is still hurt by the sounds of things. You think EE would do this or are you just reeeeeally hoping that BC does.

But Ray sure needs a change. I can hardly watch him now. He seems so slow and lethargic…for the last two years actually. Like he’s lost his way or something.
But that all said the Lions will need a QB soon. Printers, imo, has looked stiff and brittle ever since his return from the NFL. Like he bulked up as so many do and lost that something. And his body language is so negative. I’d stop this now, release him after the year and move on. I’d focus on Lulay and maybe try to lock up Graham Harrell after his release in GB. I also really like Brink in Winnipeg ( although he’ll be number 2 there now) and feel Leak has great potential if Montreal sets him free.

Interesting concept you have there. What I like about it from the Lions' perspective is that it would be a great ratio buster. Many teams are reluctant to use a Canadian as starting tailback, because you have to jump through hoops if he gets injured. . . but that wouldn't be a problem in BC, if you got McCarty and he went down, Jamal Lee comes in and you don't skip a beat. Make the call Wally, they've got to be getting pretty darn desperate in Edmonton, they just might go for something like this. . . and wouldn't Ricky Ray be a lot happier having the likes of Paris Jackson and Geroy Simon on the end of his passes?

Ricky Ray my hind end.


I enjoy reading your posts and love your enthusiasm. I was wondering if you could do me just a small favor. Could you start spelling the word "lose" correctly in your posts. Every time I see you use that word you spell it incorrectly.

lose - rhymes with booze but uses only one "o"


loose which rhymes with moose

*I let my 9 year old read these posts and she keeps saying, "Pastasteve spelled it wrong again, Daddy." She's a real stickler for accurate spelling. lol

I wouldnt even let my 12 yr old daughter read some of these posts, what with the way some people talk to each other and all.

Thanks for the correction Beagle; better yet, thank your daughter.
I won't waste my breath dignifying a response to FYB. Lots of insecurities there.
Here's to Lions winning by 14 tomorrow!!

speaking of insecurities, you have clearly read something personal in my post where there is none.

as far as i know, my post had absolutely nothing to do with you. At least not directly.

You’re most welcome pastasteve! And the little one says thanks bunches too. :lol:
I think you have a great idea about the trade thing. It’s all about parity in the CFL and when you look at the Lions and Edmonton they might be able to help each other out. I’d love to see Ray with the Lions. I think he’s a great QB. Don’t know about losing Robertson at this time. He has his moments of brilliance and may still be able to do a lot for the Lions. If Davis performs well in that spot then maybe Robertson can become leverage.

Edmonton at B.C. Oct. 16th.....Go Eskies :rockin:

Go where? The basement? Think they're already there.

That’s O.K. Grims just having a little fun. Will be interesting down the stretch though.

Well if BC loses, then we will probably be back in the basement too

Well now, we're all into October and we still have Jarius Jackson and Jamal Robertson. Edmonton still has Ray and McCarty. So much for pastasteve's virtual trade. I do credit him for accurately predicting a win streak (Leos won 4 of last 5). I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day! : )

Nice moves by Wally, adding five new imports to our expanded practice roster. Time will tell of any of them make any impact this year; next year is more likely, if at all.

I wonder how much of the ball Geroy Simon will see after getting rocked twice on his ailing shoulder while playing against the spirited Bombers last week. I don't believe 9 days is enough to fully heal his shoulder, so look for the Leos to use Simon as a decoy and feed Jackson, Black, Arceneault and Wilson. Jamal Robertson needs a rebound game after being shut down by Doug Brown and the Bombers front 7. Memo to Chapdelaine: try a few screen passes, to slow down the Winnipeg front 7.

We'll see which Lulay shows up in Winterpeg next Monday. Will it be the QB who ran for key first downs and didn't turn it over, or the rookie who turns throws picks at bad times and can be too tentative in the pocket. I wish him luck. As long as Lulay performs well, we won't be have to see whether the exile to the bench will help Casey Printers' fumbleitis. The offence misses his strong arm though.

Does anyone believe that Bombers QB Jyles won't start next Monday against the leos, despite what the Bombers or the Vancouver Sun said today?

This year the Lion's post-season fate will largely be determined in the last five games of the regular season, three of which are against Western opponents. Saskatchewan and Calgary have been the Lion's Achilles heel for them last several years, and the Eskimos are showing signs of improvement. Hopefully a playoff spot will be locked up before week 20 against Hamilton. I believe I speak for most BC fans when I say none of us wants to play another Eastern Final in La Belle Province anytime soon. -Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I just don't want to see a repeat of the massacre we saw between the Lions and Montreal last year. :roll: