One more game in 2006.....just 'give 'er" !

While some may choose to fret, call me stupid, but I'm going to enjoy watching this game on the tube Saturday night.....I feel bad for the fans, coaches, players, front office and owner without a doubt, but I also look at the Detroit Tigers who are on top of the world right now after being the laughing stock of baseball last year (97 losses) I'm never going to get too down because of a bad year when I know we can very well be the 'toast' of the CFL in 2007.....yeah, I'm a Ticats cheerleader and I'm damn proud of it!

Thanks to all the 2006 Tiger-Cats for their didn't work out quite as good as we'd like it to but a lot you gave it everything you had....

Beat the crap out of the B.C. Lions Saturday night!

Go Cats Go!



Nice Bump....nice of you to support the team as well! :roll:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

How much is a new keyboard. i just spewed coffee all over mine :lol: :lol: :lol:

Quite as good as we'd like but you gave it everything you had?? BARF!!!

You can still be a fan by supporting the team AND criticizing players and or managment without being a cringing bootlick with nothing to add except "go team go" etc.


What a load of fluffy @*#!. Unless, your enjoyment comes from the fact that the year is finally over.....I'll be in the stands for this game and I'm thinking that some of BC's finest is the only thing that will make me smile.....

So, what's everyone doing for the game on Saturday?......the kids are bugging me for cabbage rolls, coleslaw and chips and dip....they went to a lot of games this year and are pumped for this last one on TV.....c'mon team!.....Win this one for them!.... :wink:


Did it ever occur to you that perhaps mikey overdoes it (just a little ) :roll: to get a rise out of you???


Are you calling Mikey a troll??

So he doesnt really care about the team just so long as he bugs other members?

Wow. A troll.

Hope management isnt reading.Gravy train of free food, tickets and access might be over.

now I need a new keyboard!!!

Wow!..I think I may start this thread over with the same initial post. No wonder 'kw" has had to lock so many threads lately…

I’m glad I don’t post much anymore… :roll:

C’mon people, it’s only a football team and in the end, an entertainment product…yeah, we love our Tiger-Cats but really, why such dis-dain and hand-wringing?

We’ll be mucho better next year…but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy our last game of 2006…anyone with me?

Go Cats Go!

(and yes, I’m ignoring the personal shots)…I find them funny now :wink:

Manages to get the "chapstick" in there. Nice.

I'm glad I don't post much anymore... :roll:
I'm sure we feel sorry for you
C'mon people, it's only a football team and in the end, an entertainment product.....yeah, we love our Tiger-Cats but really, why such dis-dain and hand-wringing?
because we are fans
We'll be mucho better next year....but in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy our last game of 2006.....anyone with me?
not too sure about that, what ya cookin'?

Go Cats Go!

(and yes, I'm ignoring the personal shots)....I find them funny now :wink:
..believe me, so do we.

Ok Katzy, Marcel, Bob, Kevin Walsh, Jesse et guys owe me a few brewskies for "takin' one" in this thread to deflect the heat....

Gotta luv being a Ticat fan......

..this thread is cracking me up.... :wink:

Thought you gave up "brewskies" ?