One More Critic

Well our boys fought hard and got the show that we all knew they would ge tto all along. We have faced all the citics this year and have shut up most of them. Now just 1 more before our 17 year drought ends. the riders. MTL said they could beat us and lost, TO thought no1 would stop them until we met them in TO, and now with glenn down the riders have the confidence and have been picked the favourites. All i can say is i don;t car eif were underdogs. This is our year, with our outstanding O dinwiddie can get it done, our non stop defence will put the hurt on joseph and their recievers, and out special teams are finally special.

Let's go underdogs.

Just please don't tell the Riders that they'll score less than ten points.

nah there are no eibens over here.

We are underdogs for sure but who knows. If we can stay healthy that would help. Dinwiddie could turn out to be a star or Tee Martin, I'm hoping for the star. Our Defense and special teams have shown they can play so if they bring their game that would be super.

Being Eiben is not smart. Let's just take in the smack. Sure going to be a great weekend for Manitoba football. The Vanier on Saturday and the GC on Sunday. Need more beer.

this is how you deal with critics...keep the faith ; GoBigBlue....