One more blue bomber to go

I have been listening to everyone dance around this since Marshall got fired. There has alwas been one more pegger to go and thats Brendan Tamen plain and simple some of the trades in the begining of the year to fire up the team were a laugh. Im sure others will correct me but going after the best player you can on paper may be good for future trade bate but finding the best possible player you can to fit in with the system and players you have needs to be his highest concern and that just hasent been done. I feel like we have only gone out looking for recivers and we seem to have alot of those waiting in the wings. Is Tamen looking to Build HIS team by fleecing Tillmans team it sure looks that way. Had the best reciving core in the league and we brought in more and more recivers leaving other parts of our game to just wither away. Now we are to far down the road to stop the bleeding. Trust me rider ville this IS Tamens team the longer this goes on the worse it will get. Look where Winnipeg was when he left there.
Always liked the banter between us and the bombers but they all warned us of this day look back at the forums.