One more big test awaits!

September 21st - Edmonton @ Montreal. Mark it on your calendars Esks fans.

So far, we've split the first 2 games with the Riders, split the first home and home with BC, and are poised to sweep the Stamps. But we have yet to take on the Alouettes, the class of the East and our perennial GC rivals. They're the last 'vaunted team' we haven't had to face yet. We swept them last season IIRC, but they had issues with AC being out, with playcalling, with Jim Popp being all things to everyone and mucking everything up in the process.

This year, AC is keeping pace with Ray's passing numbers and leading the league in TD production, Trestman has invigorated the game plan, they're getting better production from some of their players, they have a bonafide RB in the emergence of Cobourne. If we should manage to steal the West away from the Riders (and thats clearly too big to predict, assume, or count on right now) we'll have to be thinking MTL as very possibly the Eastern champions we'd have to face in November.

What does everyone think. Is the series against MTL truly as big a test for this year's improved team as I think it is?

Hmm. Didn't see this topic. I still can't believe we got blown out like that. We have a great offence and only managed to put up a FG. Good going.

I definitely didn't expect us to sweep them like we did last year. They improved greatly over the off-season. But I also didn't expect us to play like the Ti-Cats.

The re-match in Edmonton will be another big test. So far we're 6-1 at home, and Montreal isn't so good on the road or against the West. We need the win.

In fact, I'd say both home games against B.C. and Montreal are huge. If we win both, we're guaranteed to finish above .500. 10 wins in 1 season compared to 12 in 2? I'd definitely be satisfied.