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I find it quite Ironic that Boreham is taking most of the heat for the Tabies woes. I didn't know he played D! Granted, he can't seem to buy a field goal, but Maas and all the mighty signings on O in the Off season should be scoring TD's, should they not. I find it very funny that they are only good enough to set up field goals. The D on the other hand is in big, big trouble. Bottom feeders after week three, Well I guess!
Boreham = BORing Hamilton Football

That brings me to the Stamps. 2-1 is a lucky record for a team that just squeeked by Hamilton and split a home & home match-up with the Esks. Let's remember that both teams the Stamps played so far are the east & west bottom feeders. Burris, Copeland and Lewis or as i now call them, Larry, Curly and Moe need to start playing some football. This ain't a indoor soccer complex anymore boy's. I say give the ball to Jofrey, early and often, cause the three Bozo's are over rated trash talkers.

Welcome back Joe Montford, by the way Joe, the Esks D stinks. I won't say anything bad about the mighty Esks, we all know they will spend another 5 million on signings in the next few weeks to improve the team. I think we all know why the Esks front office don't want a cap in the league. I bet Donny Brady is resigned soon. Don't worry Joe,at least you didn't get a lick'n like the rest of the Esks on Canada day. That was funny.

speaking about lick'n, The Bombers are Lick'n their chops after the beating they layed on the defending Now they look ahead to Toronto. I would say a repeat from week 2 would put them in good shape in the standings early, and that is not bad for a team that looked real crappy the past few years. It's still a little soon to be talking Grey Cup, but I think it's safe to say Glenn can play with the big boy's, and the D has found it's ball's (if you know what I mean)

What can I say about the Al's. I hate them more then I hate wax beans and head cheese, but they are a great football club. They have the best head coach in the CFL, and it shows week in and week out. They dump off another LB (Botterill) to Edmonton for a third rounder. Wasn't Botterill a starter? I suspect another trade between the two teams sometime this season that will be more in the Al's favour. (remember Maas for Davis last year, we all know the real deal was Maas for Davis don't blow your lid's Al fans)
As much as I hate them, They are early Grey Cup favourates.

Then there is the Lions. At times they look like power houses, other times like wet A$$wipes on the outhouse floor. This is a team who's hopes and dreams lie at the health of QB double D. I like how Banks has fit in on the BC defence, the secondary looks strong, to bad the D- line is as solid as a glass of water. We will see if they will dominate till an early departure from the playoffs. Like always...

Ricky, Ricky, we need a Wynn! Correct that, we need an Allen! We need a O- Line! We need a Defence! We need more then 14 rushing yards vs the Bombers. $hit we need a miracle.

Riderpride, Victoria street wide. 1-1 in the season's opening double header with the Lion's. I think that is pretty good for a team thats run by Punch & Roy & Danny. Damn that Joseph can run. He can't throw for $hit, but the dude can run. I would say a big turning point early would be a dominating victory over Calgary this week, and IMO the Stamps are rip for the pick'ins. I hate the big spending teams in this league so a few more wins for the teams in Sask and MB would be a nice change to the CFL norm...

All in All, the big story for me is the Injury to Allen in Toronto. It appears I now know why Wynn was a forth stringer on a $hity football team last year. I can't help to say that alot of fans talk about Glenn in Winnipeg not being a starter. Well I say we better start developing some young guy's cause the list of QB's with game experience is slim. If any of these two go down (AC or Double D) then their respected team could be in the same boat as the Argo's. Although the Al's seem to think they have solved their back-up problems, I say the jury is still out on that one.

This is just One man's opinion

blaming the D which scored all the tabbie points, and forced all the turnovers?...

....that is really one man's Doctorate Thesis not just an opinion....

You are dead wrong on that one. Botterill has been with us for three years and he could never found something useful to do with himself. He was just a back-up and the only reason he played during Winnipeg's first drive in week one was because Louis Mackey had an equipment problem. Botterill was responsible for the only offensive touchdown scored by Winnipeg in that game.

The only reason he stayed in Montreal was because he's a decent tackler on special teams.

Trust me, he's not worth more than a third draft pick (and I can say I understand how in the world we even got something for him when we could not get a pick for Mark Megna, Kevin Johnson or Gregg Moss).

If the Esks give us anything else later this season, then something is really wrong in Edmonton.

And, anyways, a ruling has been made this offseason so that no delayed trade like the Davis-Maas deal could happen anymore.

hey look, Boreham signed up on the forums

You think there's a Bottereil deal with future considerations? :lol: Personally, I'd be surprised to even see him on special teams, he's more of a depth guy in case lots of players get injured. And the esks voted in favour of the salary cap. We've unloaded huge amounts of salary this year and the cap is going to implemented next year...


they need to get their running game going so they can eat up the clock too hold onto those big leads in the later half of games


they better get their act together on defence real quick or they could be well back of the pack come Labour Day


the Riders will be a good test for the Stamps and give us a better idea of just what is going on


if Joseph gets comfortable in the offence then they will be really tough


they need to show they can win on the road and be consistent


they just need to get their act together once and they should be competitive, but that defence doesnt seem to have improved any for last season


they need Wynn to step up and steal one for them while DA is out, they almost did it in BC


they will not be tested until they visit Winnipeg in week 5